Exceptional Content Operations for the Consumer Goods Industry

Orchestrate Exceptional Omnichannel Consumer Experiences

Digital disrupters, like e-marketplaces and smaller, consumer-centric digital brands, are rewriting the rules for consumer goods organizations.

Aprimo gives consumer goods companies the agility and insights they need to quickly deliver consistent, on-brand, omnichannel consumer experiences. From brand planning to content creation to analysis for both traditional and digital channels, Aprimo’s solutions provide a global, end-to-end view of all your content, planning, work, and investments.

Aprimo for the Consumer Goods Industry

Aprimo Elevates the Consumer Goods Industry

Digital and Consumer Experience

Digital and Consumer Experience

Design, enrich, and deliver consistent, on-brand digital experiences across all your channels.

Consumer Goods Marketing


Empower global and local marketers to localize and reuse all content types in marketing campaigns and product launches.

Consumer Goods Agencies and Partners

Agencies and Partners

Ensure global brand consistency by knowing your agencies and partners are all using on-brand content.

Aprimo’s Solutions For Consumer Goods

Marketing Planning for Life Sciences and Manufacturing

Brand and Marketing Planning

In an industry going through massive digital disruption, ensure your marketing investments are optimized for the future.

Aprimo Work Management for Manufacturing

Marketing Work Management

Empower teams to streamline and automate all the work and project management required to deliver consistent experiences for your end consumer — whether they are shoppers, distributors, resellers, partners, or anyone else.

Aprimo DAM for Manufacturing

Digital Asset Management

Gain a global, single source of truth for all your brand content, and easily localize at lower costs, to improve brand experiences.


What Agile is, why it’s important – and how it works

Proven Benefits of Aprimo for Consumer Goods

Accelerate digital transformation and exceed consumer expectations with Aprimo.

Faster to Market

Get to Market Faster

Get personalized campaigns and content in front of consumers faster.

Agile Brand

Agile Brand Planning

Deploy agile planning capabilities so marketers can quickly meet consumers needs.

Offers and Promos

Offers and Promotions

Plan and execute promotions and offers to reach targeted consumers to deliver the right messages to the right consumers in the right channels.

Optimize Brand

Optimize Brand Campaigns

Streamline marketing operations, campaign calendars, and resources.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digitally transform omnichannel experiences with streamlined content creation, governance, and insights.

Global Management and Local Flexibility of Brand Content

Global and Local Flexibility

Centrally manage global content and processes, while maintaining flexibility to meet local needs in order to provide on-brand, consistent consumer experiences.

Delivering On-Brand
Omnichannel Experiences

Learn how to delight consumers and outmaneuver your competitors in this guide.

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Experience Building Blocks

Modular Content

Experience building blocks are a powerful solution to a big challenge: creating personalized, engaging content at scale.

Scale Content Operations to Delight Customers, Outmaneuver Competitors

Scale Content Operations

Learn how to delight consumers and out-strategize your competitors by transforming your consumer experiences to meet changing demands.

Your Consumer Goods Content Can Do More For You

Aprimo for Consumer Goods helps your teams streamline production to get personalized content to market faster, centrally manage global processes, and create meaningful, engaging consumer experiences.

Take a quick tour of Aprimo Work Management and Digital Asset Management to see Aprimo in action.