Orchestrate Omnichannel Experiences with Content 360°

Going Beyond DAM with Content360°

This is the final blog in our series focused on the 5 essential elements required for today’s modern content operations. From working with brands from around the world, we have identified common challenges, requirements, and goals that affect organizations at some point during their content operations journey. Wherever you are on that journey, your end goal should be to elevate your content strategy to the same priority as your customer experience or digital transformation strategy. Getting there requires five key elements, four of which we have already discussed in previous blogs:

1.     Integration support for your marketing ecosystem

2.     Intelligent automation

3.     Metadata, findability, and experience

4.     Performance at scale

The fifth essential element of modern content operations requires you to go beyond DAM by adopting an approach that delivers a 360° understanding of what goes into content creation, usage, and performance. Let’s dive in.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Customer Experience

While DAM serves as the core of a content operations structure, housing all assets

and using advanced AI to greatly improve searchability, that’s really just the start. DAM

capabilities extend to all facets of the content lifecycle, from ideation to delivery.

A best-of-breed DAM provides the modern foundational technology to cover all your content, people, and process needs. And, with a technology-agnostic DAM, you don’t have to use a vendor’s entire stack to see the value. Because a technology-agnostic DAM enables easy integration, you can use it to add value to other tools like your CMS or PIM.

The DAM market has come a long way from its beginning centralizing and storing content. We?ve seen, fairly recently, the mainstreaming of the Content Lifecycle DAM, which is where a lot of the market is focused today, introducing workflow to content through new modules or M&A. The current focus of many leading DAM buyers is how to take DAM from being reactive to prescriptive. The modern DAM must enable brands to be proactive with customer experience by making content planning and content strategy capabilities integral to DAM for both content creation and content deployment.

Orchestrating omnichannel experiences

Our customer’s biggest challenge remains scaling content and its production to meet demand for omnichannel personalization on one side, and then managing, optimizing, and enriching it on the other. These capabilities are critical to enabling rapid content assembly and reuse through modular content while layering in vertical capabilities to prescriptively serve industry-specific challenges.

As we move forward, these sequential steps need to become ?always on? capabilities that iterate through content and experience in real-time. Brands need to shift their ways of working from linear and sequential, to dynamic and agile, continually advancing the content that enables omnichannel experience. ?Establishing an organizational capability for this type of Dynamic Experience Engine also requires DAM to become a more strategic part of the digital experience architecture.

As we prepare for the future, we’re now moving towards the next phase of automated decisioning in the DAM space. This leverages the data and processes that have already been established in prior phases to provide a more sophisticated level of predictive and deep insights. ‘This means going beyond ?just a DAM? to deliver process improvement suggestions, usage patterns, a data-driven UX?, orchestrating content in the ecosystem?, automating content assembly, and delivering content strategy recommendations and trending content insights.

To truly orchestrate personalized, omnichannel CX at scale, you need to build in intelligent automation that can natively capture the data it needs through capabilities like serving up content in a headless model and through composability to cut down on long or complicated integration projects. ?A DAM that is composable, intelligent, modular, and agile can provide better recommendations to end users, orchestrate content across the ecosystem (including publication, assembly, modification, and expiration in 3rd-party systems), and enable brands to fully automate the predictable or rote processes so they can focus resources on strategy and creativity.

The future of content operations: Achieving Content360°

You need solutions that can meet the dynamic needs of the enterprise, today and tomorrow. The future of content management is rooted in the concept of Content 360°, a 360-degree understanding of what goes into content creation, usage, and performance.

Content360° helps you understand all your different content components, the people, and processes behind it, and how that content proliferates across all channels.

Aprimo Platform Diagram

With a dynamic content engine powered by people, content, and process, Content360° provides a non-linear, full view of your content operations comprised of:

?       Your automation hub, responsible for managing DAM, productivity management, planning, and spending

?       A full view into all content that is already in market and the tools you use to execute your campaigns

With this 360-degree insight across your content operations, you have the connectivity, experience, and intelligence to scale your efforts by evolving from reactive to proactive and, with time, to predictive and prescriptive.

To learn more, download our eBook5 Essential Elements of Modern Content Operations.

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