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Digital Asset Management

Manage content planning, creation, and distribution all in one place to get on-brand, personalized customer experiences to market faster.

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Productivity Management

Improve productivity and collaboration, increase visibility, and align strategies with business objectives in real time to move your brand forward.

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Plan & Spend

Track, measure, and optimize your marketing spend and performance with planning, budgeting, and expense management tools all in one place.

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About Us
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Solutions for Government Agencies

Empowering Government Agencies in the Digital Era

Government agencies, like the National Park Service, have diverse goals that can vary based on their specific mandates and priorities, but they face common challenges: efficiently managing digital assets, fostering collaboration, ensuring content security, and scaling operations. Aprimo offers tailored solutions to empower government agencies to achieve their unique goals. Start your journey towards elevating efficiency with Aprimo.

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Securing Federal Data with Aprimo's FedRAMP Certification

Ensure the highest level of security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring and services with Aprimo's FedRAMP certification. Gain peace of mind with automated checks and balances, checklists, tasks, approvals, and audit reports for enhanced compliance and auditability through the GSA Office.

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Fueling Global Government Agencies with AI-Powered Content Operations

Modernize your content operations with a centralized repository to store, manage, and distribute creative content while optimizing cycle time with automated workflows and electronic approvals to streamline collaboration.

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Increase Efficiency While Meeting Your Unique Needs

Establish a single source of truth with version control, improved findability, automated workflows, and electronic approvals to enhance efficiency and content scalability while maintaining consistency and quality.

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Reduce Legacy IT Investments

Utilize monthly product updates and enhancements to keep you at the pinnacle of digital transformation with Aprimo's modern approach to technology and employee collaboration.

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Safeguard Sensitive Content

Govern the process, approval, and accessibility of government assets in a centralized, secure manner by leveraging Aprimo's compliant collaboration capabilities, asset classification and access controls, robust user rights, risk mitigation features, and the added security assurance of being built on the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Key Benefits

Asset-level Permissions thumbnail

Asset-level Permissions

Limit accessibility of sensitive content with permissions and user access controls at the asset level for legal or confidential information.

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Usage Trails and Reporting

Provide usage trailing and audit reports for content operations inside Aprimo to ensure content compliancy for regulatory agencies.

Automated Intelligent Workflow thumbnail

Automated Intelligent Workflow

Leverage key metadata like region and services to automatically assign teams of resources or individuals into roles on each project.

Claims and Reference Linking  thumbnail

Claims and Reference Linking

Link claims to references during the content creation and workflow process to ensure development of only compliant, substantiated content.

Auditable Review and Approval Processes  thumbnail

Auditable Review and Approval Processes

Cast rejection or approval votes with comments to see what the key process problems are for optimized reviews and approvals.

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Microsoft 365 Connector

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Access assets in Aprimo DAM directly from Microsoft 365 tools: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.


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WordPress Extension

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