Streamlining Content Creation, Management, and Distribution Across the Entire Content Lifecycle with Aprimo AI

Streamlining Content Creation, Management, and Distribution Across the Entire Content Lifecycle with Aprimo AI Blog

Artificial intelligence is not just the buzzword of the month; it’s here to stay. There has been an explosion of AI tools and practices in the broad market that are already transforming teams, job descriptions, and economies. And while it’s still the wild west in many ways, users can find safe harbor in companies like Aprimo that know how to take the broad concept of artificial intelligence and harness it not only to boost efficiency and productivity but also to evolve the way they do business at scale. 

Pioneering AI for Content Ops 

Aprimo recognized the value of artificial intelligence long before it was a buzzword. Our comprehensive content operations platform pioneered content lifecycle management and marketing resource management to help bring powerful omnichannel customer experiences to life. Our dedication to developing the most comprehensive and mature AI for content operations has led us to be the industry leaders for the last decade, revolutionizing digital asset management while gaining recognition and high praise from analysts such as Forrester. 

Aprimo had the highest overall score for the 2020 and 2022 Marketing Resource Management Wave and the 2019 and 2022 Digital Asset Management Wave, two vendor evaluations that identify and compare the most significant platforms in the MRM and DAM spaces. Aprimo is cited to be a ‘stalwart in the MRM management, equally adept in money management, people management, and content management,? and notable for our product vision that stands out for being ?underpinned by AI and content atomization [to support] the full lifecycle of content performance.?

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And now, as we seamlessly add generative AI to our robust platform, we continue to be ahead of the game. We are the first DAM provider to integrate ChatGPT into our platform, and through our close, longstanding partnership with Microsoft Azure/OpenAI, we quickly capitalized on the integration to roll out AI Content Coach.  

We are excited to see Aprimo leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to introduce AI Content Coach and help transform content operations with the power of generative AI. This collaboration represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and driving content management innovation, while ensuring the utmost safety and security for users and customers.

John Montgomery, Corporate VP, AI Platform at Microsoft

Microsoft calls AI Content Coach ?…the first ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI Service integration in the DAM category, it has opened the door for more innovations and feature releases on the Aprimo AI-powered platform in the coming months.? 

Aprimo is a Native AI Powerhouse 

While we are rapidly pushing forward, we are also reflecting on our AI story. Our native AI is a powerhouse for our customers; let’s explore how it has transformed our customers? businesses by automating tasks to increase productivity and efficiency and give users time to focus on being strategic and actionable. 

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Content Discovery & Smart Search 

Aprimo is a content discovery engine powered by AI to capture valuable metadata from assets to feed robust search and discovery capabilities. These include optical character recognition, multi-lingual detection, recognition of visually similar searches, and automatic tagging of assets with clickable Smart Tags. Our AI can be trained to learn company-specific terms, brands, or product characteristics for enhanced findability and flexible data structuring. 

The findability of assets within Aprimo’s DAM solution is unmatched. The AI and meta-tagging capabilities make it so easy for any team to quickly locate the files needed for projects. The DAM solution has made it so much easier for our clients to manage and find assets. The superior meta tagging and AI capabilities have greatly improved workflows and saves time.

Stephen Yoggy, Sr. Systems Engineer at CenturyLink 

By enabling various search criteria in our content operations platform, users have increased asset discoverability and can deepen their search to find the content that they need when they need it. And because these features work together to create a strong foundation of metadata and product information inside the Aprimo Content Operations system, this rich data can also be utilized for syndication and integration into downstream channels such as PIM and eCommerce systems to further support content operations and strategic business outcomes. 

Workflow & Content Management 

But our AI efforts don’t stop at content discovery. We also offer robust and unstructured workflow capabilities and content collaboration to manage content from the initial work-in-progress phases through release into the DAM and downstream channels. Our AI-automated workflows can automatically kick off campaigns for various channels at the same time based on business rules or deadlines, intelligently reroute tasks and actions based on capacity, and standardize work based on actions or steps that are most conducted in a campaign cycle with customizable work templates.  

Content Delivery & Distribution 

Once the content is complete and ready to shine in the market, Aprimo can push it downstream through our Public Links to automatically compress and transform assets into optimized channel-specific formats to boost key SEO indicators such as website load times and content performance without losing image quality. Quick, on-demand image optimizations such as size reformatting, cropping, trimming, and image orientation qualities can also be done automatically at the time of asset delivery into various customer-facing marketing channels. 

Leading The Pack in Generative AI & Brand Safety 

Now more than ever, teams must work efficiently, collaboratively, and safely. Aprimo’s current automation and AI capabilities, rich search and findability features, and martech ecosystem integrations give teams back valuable time and resources. And we aren’t stopping there.  

Our innovative and revolutionary Generative AI roadmap, including the Chat-GPT-powered AI Content Coach, will transform business as we know it – all within the admin-moderated and secure boundaries of Aprimo DAM. Aprimo handles the diverse and intricate metadata associated with every AI-generated asset, improving consistency and accuracy while helping organizations comply with responsible use policies and ensuring brand safety. 

The world of AI moves fast, constantly evolving and unveiling new applications daily. Follow along with Aprimo as we continue to revolutionize content ops with AI and lead the DAM industry into a more efficient, agile, and robust future. Request a live demo to see how the most mature AI platform in DAM can help your business today. 

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