Power Up Salesforce with MRM and DAM Integrations

Recently, Salesforce was named the ‘world’s #1 CRM’ by analyst firm IDC. The report stated that the San Francisco-based giant has nearly 20% of the CRM market, triple the share of their next biggest rivals SAP and Oracle. This is no surprise to me. Salesforce has always had a unique market position as the only vendor that truly spans every facet of customer experience, bridging the gap between commerce, marketing, service, and sales teams.

But despite the depth in capabilities, Salesforce still has a gap in supporting two critical areas of digital experience and marketing technology: digital asset management (DAM) and marketing work management (also known as marketing resource management or MRM).

DAM software is a critical component to help brands like yours create, manage, and distribute content, while MRM or marketing work management platforms provide marketers with detailed visibility to resources and work status. Together, DAM and MRM make Salesforce an even more powerful, capable solution.

Digital Asset Management for Salesforce

Here’s how DAM for Salesforce can help you get more value from your Salesforce investments:

  • Get the best experiences and campaigns into market. A DAM for Salesforce gives you instant access to channel-optimized, on-brand content to help drive clicks and conversions. A DAM for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud stores all on-brand, approved content in a single place, and allows users to search and find those assets from within Salesforce to drive the best campaigns into market.
  • Share the most relevant assets with sales and service reps. For those using Salesforce for customer service and sales teams, linking a DAM with your Salesforce instance can be equally beneficial. DAM for Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds allows admins to push specific assets directly to the Salesforce contact or account entry. This capability ensures that the best content is always at the fingertips of sales and service reps.
  • Automate once tedious personalization processes. Salesforce Einstein, the powerful AI platform that runs across its various Cloud offerings, complements a DAM offering as well. Salesforce Einstein can take the smart metadata tags from DAM assets, understand the content’s subject, look, and feel, and match the content with the audience segment that would be most interested in it. For example, a picture of someone hiking could automatically be shown in a personalized campaign to audiences that are interested in outdoor activities. A once manual process can be fully optimized with a DAM for Salesforce Marketing, Commerce, and Experience Clouds.

Marketing Work Management for Salesforce

Marketing work management solutions for Salesforce can help you get more value from your existing Salesforce investments, empowering you to:

  • More quickly execute on customer journey plans. Customer journey planning in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool that enables organizations to visualize and collaborate on customer journeys, no matter how simple or complex. By connecting customer journey maps with robust workflow and project management capabilities, organizations can be better prepared to quickly execute the campaigns and experiences laid out in the customer journeys. For example, if your customer journey maps suggests that a ‘welcome’ campaign should be initiated after a customer signs up for a service, integration to an MRM or marketing work management solution can help ensure creative, marketing, and service teams can actually get that content created and ready to go.
  • Optimize marketing performance. Salesforce’s analytics capabilities from Datorama and Tableau allow marketing teams to drive efficiency and ROI with a solid measurement foundation. By combining marketing work management data—people, time, agency spend, distribution investments, etc.—organizations can then visualize and optimize every marketing investment going into market.

Create Better Customer Experiences with DAM, MRM, and Salesforce Integrations

DAM and Marketing Work Management for Salesforce together make a powerful solution to help accelerate and optimize customer experience and marketing for marketers in any industry.

At Aprimo, we’re excited to share that we can help you do this. With connectors and integrations across Salesforce Marketing, Service, Sales, Experience, and Commerce Cloud, Aprimo and Salesforce connect to one another easily, so your teams get the DAM and MRM capabilities boost right away.

To learn more, watch the video to see how Aprimo powers up Salesforce with DAM and MRM, or get in touch to book a demo.

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