How to Get More from Your Marketing Technology Stack

Delivering a seamless user experience today is all about connecting the dots between the data, content, apps, APIs, systems, and devices spread across your organization to make your teams more productive, collaborative, efficient, and agile.

Integration is the glue, the technologies that are stitched together to make everything work better together. And as businesses get more comfortable with the more practical aspects of digital transformation, integration is essential to supporting the fundamental changes in the way your teams work to adapt to market shifts.

You need to not only connect, but also extract new value through added functionality gained by unifying the tools you already use and love to create content and experiences. In that quest to deliver always-on, personalized experiences at scale, integrations that provide choice, flexibility, are future-proofed, expert friendly, and secure, are the key to getting exceptional content to market.

Work in the apps you love, where you already are to maximize existing investments

Whether you are working in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Office, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, Dreamweaver…the list goes on…Aprimo has a connector for that.

Not only does this facilitate personalization at the point of content consumption and enable you to provide custom, holistic solutions that improve efficiency and ease of use, it maximizes your existing martech investments. There are Aprimo connectors that can help your teams, whether it’s for digital asset management, work management, or marketing budget strategy.

Aprimo + Adobe: Seamless integration between Aprimo and the Adobe Creative Cloud, so creative professionals can utilize a best-in-class content operations solution while staying in the tools they know and love enabling them to focus more on designing impactful experiences.

Aprimo + Optimizely: The integration between Optimizely and Aprimo improves the efficiency of your creative teams. Users can browse, search, drag, and drop their Aprimo assets directly within Optimizely. Manage all content seamlessly to empower marketers, developers, creatives, and commerce professionals.​

Aprimo + Salesforce: Integrating Aprimo and Salesforce provides our customers with a holistic solution. Bringing together Aprimo’s marketing planning, operations, and content solutions with Salesforce’s journey orchestration, messaging, personalization, customer 360, and analytics solution.

Aprimo + Tableau: The integration between Aprimo and Tableau empowers business users to tap into real-time Aprimo data through Tableau and uncover new insights.​ The Aprimo Tableau Connector by Solutions Plus provides a seamless connection between Aprimo and Tableau, automatically keeps your Tableau workbooks updated. ​

Everything is Integrated

Integration is your key to delivering a complete, end-to-end content operations and marketing work management software solution for planning, creation, budgeting and execution of the brand experiences your customers expect…all in one platform.

See what you can do with Aprimo, the industry leader in both Digital Asset Management and Marketing Resource Management. Get started today by exploring the Aprimo Marketplace.

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