Aprimo’s Principles on Artificial Intelligence in Content Operations 

AI is rapidly transforming the way we live and work, offering seemingly limitless potential for further advancements. As AI continues to evolve at warp speed, we must consider its potential benefits and challenges and take proactive measures to ensure its development and deployment are aligned with ethical principles. Technology companies have a responsibility to be mindful of their use of AI in product development. While it can be a powerful tool, AI can also amplify biases, exacerbate inequalities, and its decisions can have far-reaching consequences. AI systems must be designed and deployed in a way that aligns with ethical principles, including transparency, fairness, and accountability.  

For this reason, AI industry leaders are creating AI rules and principles by which to operate. For example, OpenAI, maker of the industry phenom ChatGPT, abides by its charter to ?guide us in acting in the best interests of humanity?ensure [AI] is used for the benefit of all, ?[and] avoid enabling uses of AI or AGI that harm humanity or unduly concentrate?power.? Similarly, Microsoft’s responsible AI principles in practice focus on three key ethical goals: ?innovating responsibly, empowering others, and fostering positive impact.?

As Aprimo continues to use the power of AI to innovate within our platform, we remain committed to solving our customers’ problems while prioritizing brand safety. The following outlines Aprimo’s principles on AI in Content Operations.

1. Create practical, relevant AI-powered solutions that solve real problems

Aprimo creates practical AI solutions which provide real business value to multiple customers and verticals. Aprimo does not focus on party tricks or implement AI because it is trendy. We aim to build relevant solutions for our customers. 

2. Embed AI as an invisible component of a seamless user experience

Aprimo leverages AI to provide assistive and proactive support to users, helping them work more efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, AI is embedded seamlessly into the user journey, meaning that it may not always be visible to the user. Everything that looks and feels like AI to the user may in fact be powered by AI or Aprimo’s proprietary analytics layer. 

3. Make AI-powered capabilities as accessible and affordable as possible

At Aprimo, we believe that the true value of AI technology lies in its ability to benefit as many users as possible. When feasible, we strive to include AI capabilities as part of our core Aprimo product offerings, or at least make it affordable relative to the business value it provides. However, for specific use cases that require custom-trained AI solutions beyond what is offered in the base subscription, we do offer these as an option. In this way, we ensure that our AI offerings are accessible and tailored to the unique needs of each customer, while also ensuring that the costs are aligned with the value delivered. 

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4. Apply AI contextually to ensure it’s used effectively and appropriately

Artificial Intelligence is not one-size-fits-all. One needs to use AI functionality where it makes sense, and that’s often not over the whole data set or processes. Aprimo makes it possible to apply rule-based AI so that the technology matches the context. Let’s say you have some pictures of your employees; it wouldn’t be useful to use visual Smart Tagging on those pictures. On the other hand, using speech-to-text could be helpful for your own product videos and training videos. But if you want to use videos from social media that you don’t have permission to use, speech-to-text might not be a good idea. 

5. Create proprietary technology vs. simply providing AI tools

Some competitive DAM (Digital Asset Management) AI implementations use generic AI services and implement them in a one-to-one relation, meaning that one AI service typically powers one feature in the DAM system. Aprimo AI is a unique platform that combines various AI services with content, data, and analytics, while also leveraging its proprietary technology. The resulting applications are designed to address real-world business challenges, offering practical solutions that can benefit many users. In other words, Aprimo AI goes beyond just providing AI tools and instead creates practical, useful applications that can help businesses succeed. 

6. Apply AI ethically and responsibly using safeguards

Aprimo is committed to using AI in an ethical and responsible manner. For instance, when implementing Generative AI technology (such as OpenAI), Aprimo ensures that human confirmation or acceptance is required before any results are presented to users. This helps prevent the possibility of any harmful outcomes that may arise from the automatic and unmonitored use of AI. By incorporating a set of AI principles, Aprimo ensures that its AI solutions are trustworthy and aligned with ethical standards. 

Aprimo is leading the way when it comes to applying AI in Content Operations. From helping automate project management tasks and improving asset discoverability to maximizing asset reuse, Aprimo AI for Content Operations can learn over time, continuously improving to make more accurate decisions based on your unique business needs. 

Have you heard about our new ChatGPT integration? Check it out here.

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