Aprimo Adds OpenAI ChatGPT Integration to its Content Operations Platform

Embedded AI Assistant will enable teams to efficiently scale transformative customer experiences

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CHICAGO – April 4, 2023 – Aprimo, an industry-leading provider of digital asset management and marketing resource management solutions, today announced its integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to improve its content operations platform. This integration is a first in the DAM category and is pivotal for businesses to create better efficiencies across teams, drive time to market, and scale on-brand asset creation and distribution across all channels.

Aprimo now enables its current customers to opt-in to generative AI features that optimize content creation, transparency, and collaboration for an improved user experience. The first important feature of this integration can simplify language, alter the tone for context and metadata, and make marketing copy more concise with a single click. Aprimo clearly flags all content that is AI-influenced and routes AI-influenced content through specific policies and approvals to ensure governance and protect brands from unnecessary risk.

“While we already have one of the most advanced applications of AI for digital asset management and content operations, it’s exciting to also collaborate with the fastest-growing generative AI platform to help organizations enhance content quality and insights,” said Erik Huddleston, CEO, Aprimo. “The integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service creates a scalable AI brainstorming partner for marketers – further empowering our clients to address today’s content scarcity challenges and prepare for their content abundance challenges of tomorrow.”

While the ChatGPT integration is an imperative next step for Aprimo’s broader vision of providing its customers a holistic view of their content operations and a path to achieving omnichannel personalization at scale, the company plans to roll out additional levels of automation and artificial intelligence in the Aprimo platform throughout the second half of 2023.

Aprimo’s AI-powered solution areas will focus on:

  • Content creation: Optimize the creative process, from ideation to delivery (translation, image alterations, personalization)
  • Content discovery: Improve the user experience with better search, asset recommendation, categorization, and summarization
  • Content management at scale: Provide AI traceability and auditing of usage, and deliver consistent brand messaging through prompt management ‘
  • Content insights: AI models trained on content consumption and performance data sets to improve AI-generated content quality for specific market or customer segments
  • Ecosystem interoperability: Partner integrations that reflect the best applications of generative AI in a composable, scalable content operations stack
  • Brand safety: AI-generated content is clearly flagged and routed through standardized workflows based on an organization’s AI content policy to ensure human review and approval

“With Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft is empowering companies like Aprimo to use generative AI to help teams be more productive, surface valuable insights, and accelerate processes,” said John Montgomery, corporate vice president, AI Platform at Microsoft. “Using Azure OpenAI Service to power its solution, we’re excited to see Aprimo help customers address a variety of challenges related to digital asset management and content operations with the power of AI, while taking advantage of the flexibility, enterprise-grade reliability and compliance that Azure provides.”

To learn more about Aprimo and its latest ChatGPT integration, visit: https://go.aprimo.com/chatgpt-integration

About Aprimo

Aprimo offers industry-leading digital asset management and work management solutions that help teams spend their time and effort on content and marketing strategies to drive business outcomes and reach customers in the right channels. Aprimo’s powerful content operations platform provides organizations with a single source of truth to optimize the way they plan, develop, govern, and deliver exceptional brand experiences at scale. Learn more at www.aprimo.com.


Christina Davies


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