The Aprimo Generative AI Guidebook: Part One

Generative AI is here! Chances are, anyone who works on content in your company is already using tools like ChatGPT to generate or alter content more rapidly than ever before. This is the most disruptive technology to arrive in the content operations world since the early days of moving from spreadsheets to software-powered automation. Now that content can be created with a click of a button – what are the first things you should be thinking about to take advantage of the power of generative AI today?

If we paint the picture of a perfect world, generative AI would help automate content creation at scale. It would understand what your brand values are, what your brand voice sounds like, the tone of a campaign you’d like to run, and what good content looks like, so it can produce high-quality content with less and less human refinement needed. Anything created by generative AI would be tagged as such, to ensure any AI-produced content gets reviewed by a human. This also helps track which generative AI models and technologies are used by your organization – and which ones are producing the best content.

Imagine a scenario where you want to spin up some personalized content for a multi-channel campaign targeted at different personas. Today, a human may have to individually craft and refine each of those messages. But in the future, you may be able to automate content variations targeted at different personas with specific campaign messages, all while pivoting for various channels (your Twitter post is going to need to be a lot shorter than your blog copy!)

So…how do you get from today, where you have ad-hoc marketers asking GPT to write their copy for them, to automation of generative AI with high-quality message output?

This post will cover how to manage generative AI content in Aprimo, and all the benefits it brings!

Managing Generative AI Content in Aprimo

Ensure brand compliance with generative AI reviews

Tagging content that was produced by generative AI and knowing which tools were used can be greatly beneficial. Consider setting up a custom “AI Influenced” field on content projects as a simple “Yes/No” dropdown, and an additional field to let a user specify which generative AI was used. 

Generative AI Workflow

Here’s a simple example of how workflows can be routed differently and have different review checklists based on AI-influenced vs. non-AI-influenced content – but it doesn’t have to be any harder than that to start ensuring brand compliance with generative AI!

Give transparency to content consumers

Allow users to mark content as AI-influenced (or set up metadata templates to help with this). When your content consumers know content has been AI-influenced, you can better ensure brand-compliant and responsible use of AI.

AI Generated Images Flower Women

Ensure all your content creators are empowered

By marking which content is being improved by AI, you gain a bird’s eye view understanding of which sets of content in your DAM  are being improved by AI and which are not, identifying opportunities where you can generate content faster and at scale.

Aprimo Product Screen with AI Source Tage

If you start tracking generative AI content in Aprimo, you can access views like this report, which shows the adoption of AI-generated content in your organization, and shows content areas that may not be adopting as rapidly.

Gen AI ROE Product Screen

Identify valuable generative AI content

Notice the bottom left chart in the above report, which shows highly engaging content generated by different AIs. Once you know which content is AI-influenced and which tools are used to build that content, you can identify who in your organization understands how to leverage generative AI to create amazing content. Then, you can learn how to create even more valuable output across the entire organization.

Mitigate risk

We’re in a new world, and laws have to catch up. Recently, Getty Images sued a Generative AI provider, claiming they may not have solely used public domain content to train their AIs. By ensuring you are properly tagging content that has leveraged generative AI, as the landscape evolves in the future, you can better mitigate and manage risk based on the content creation tools being used.

This is part of a series of posts that will create a real, actionable, simple plan for you to start getting incredible value out of Aprimo, GPT, and other generative AI tools today. Read part two and part three to learn about:

  • Prompting for generative AI
  • Improving creative output
  • Scaling consistent brand voice
  • Generative AI training

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