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Our Technology

Aprimo is purpose built for marketers and adapts to every aspect of how your business works. We offer a powerful, reliable, and innovative marketing operations platform with the capability to scale globally and meet complex requirements.

Business Rules

Completely automate common workstreams from inception to completion by leveraging our powerful and highly configurable Business Rules engine. Use these rules to manage access and visibility with the application, automatically apply and start the right workflow process for each job, and apply the appropriate teams… all based on dynamic criteria.

Integration Framework

Connect and coordinate your marketing ecosystem and seamlessly connect your existing technology to Aprimo. Integration Framework makes it easy to move data so you can perform actions that power your marketing activities. It includes a Data Loader and FTP Exports to easily import and export large datasets; a REST API to allow access to objects and business functions within Aprimo; Connectors, which are out-of-the box templates designed to move data into and out of applications; and Analytics Web Services, which  power reporting and dashboard visualizations.

Test Environment

The Test Environment is a mirror of production where you can safely build out new workflow processes and try out configuration changes. Here, you can also initially activate newly released features to evaluate them and understand how to best  leverage them within your business. Hold training sessions with users on new features or processes without creating test data in your production environment.

Advanced System Configuration

Our highly configurable platform  allows you to tailor the application layout, permissions, metadata, terminology, navigation, and more to align with your business processes. We understand that each type of campaign you manage–from email promotions, direct mail, and display ads–requires different inputs, resources, internal routing, and visibility.  That’s why we include many option settings to define business processes and rules around areas, such as password complexity, financial thresholds, types, roles, or expiration of assets.  Our flexible and agile platform allows you to configure the platform to align with how you work while providing our own best practices and guidance.  

Single Sign-On

Aprimo uses single sign-on (SSO) so you don’t have numerous usernames and passwords to remember. SSO allows for seamless integration back to your corporate authentication library and centralized security management.

Mobile Support

Take Aprimo with you! Work in our platform via a laptop, cellphone, iPad… absolutely any mobile device. We conform to how marketers work.


Aprimo is powered by Microsoft Azure, which leverages the strengths and expertise of Microsoft’s world-class IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). This provides the security and compliance needed to power a best-in-class cloud solution. It enables Aprimo to use data centers around the world to host a solution in an appropriate location that suits your privacy needs. Microsoft Azure enables our platform to stay ahead of ever-changing security threats.


Gain unprecedented control over your  marketing investments in local currency. Aprimo offers Multi-Language/Multi-Currency technology, which includes English, German, French, International Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

User Administration

User Administration gives you complete control of the Aprimo platform, such as adding/removing users, setting rights for groups and users, managing passwords, and everything in-between.) Domain rights provide control over who can delete, edit, cancel, and close objects, while end users are allowed to view assigned tasks, provide updates, attach documents, and log time through a secure web-based interface.

24/7 Customer Support

Because we are not successful unless you’re successful, Aprimo offers world-class support services from an experienced, product-certified technical team. Critical support is offered 24/7, including a state-of-the-art online customer portal.

Global Cloud Infrastructure

Providing cloud services to customers 24x7x365, Microsoft Azure is the datacenter infrastructure that delivers reliable, scalable, and security-enhanced services. It powers Aprimo’s global cloud infrastructure with complete security and compliance.

Online Help

Aprimo provides a configurable and intuitive user experience. But when you have questions, our robust context-sensitive Online Help solution is just a click away. It provides extensive feature summaries, including examples, explanations, and FAQs.

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