The Building Blocks of Brand Trust and Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Here’s a shocking statistic: 81% of consumers say that they need to trust a brand from a product experience, customer experience, and societal impact perspective before they are able to buy from them. Because of this, it’s important that you keep your brand reputation strong and intact. The brands with the most loyal consumers all have one thing in common: their consumers know they can expect a great experience when shopping and interacting with them.

A great experience is why they’ll spend more money and time when purchasing their shoes, cell phones, and even chicken sandwiches. These brands don’t even have to necessarily have the most innovative or quality product in the market, but they have great customer experiences.

What these brands are doing right is ensuring that their consumers are emotionally engaged with their brand and the experiences provided to them. Emotional engagement matters because many of us make purchasing decisions driven by our feelings rather than rationality. In fact, a study by Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman found that 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious. It’s not enough just to market all of the amazing qualities and features of your product or service. Brands need to target and market to the subconscious mind, being sure to highlight how a consumer would emotionally respond to a campaign, product demo, etc.

So, knowing that in order to build trust with your consumers you need to ensure they’re emotionally engaged with your brand, how can a digital asset management (DAM) solution help?

Create Exceptional On-Brand Content 

To build a strong sense of brand recognition and loyalty among your consumers, they need to trust that they can always expect on-brand, relevant content from your brand.

Using the wrong images, fonts, and even colors all can throw consumers for a loop or turn them off completely. Although it’s hard to fathom that seemingly minor details can be damaging to your brand’s reputation, it’s the brands that provide us with a sense of familiarity and trust that we gravitate towards the most. So much so that using a signature color?which we often react to unconsciously?can increase brand recognition by 80%.

These brand-killing mistakes can easily be avoided by housing all of your brand and campaign guidelines, logos, fonts, assets, and more in you’re a digital asset management solution. In DAM, Brand Managers can easily create and edit brand guidelines so they’re always up ‘to date. With your brand guidelines living side-by-side in your DAM, you have a single location to point your teams to whenever they’re looking to create content.

You can stop rogue marketing and content creation and ensure that your brand’s content is always being created and represented consistently.

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Support All of Your Brands and Product Lines

Would you feel confident making a purchase from a brand that is consistently sharing off-brand, out-of-date, and irrelevant content with you? Probably not.  

According to a study by 8ways, it takes the average person about 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. This leaves brands with no room to provide poor experiences.

It’s not enough just to be creating on-brand content. Brand need to make sure that the right content is shared with the right consumer?it’s essential to a positive brand experience.

This means that brands need to be especially careful that the right assets are used in all campaigns and in every channels. That’s where a brand portal comes in handy. All teams, internal or external (think agencies or partners), needing to leverage brand, campaign, and product-specific assets, can be directed to a tailored and dynamic brand portal that houses all relevant assets in a single location.

Brand portals can be created for multiple brands, campaigns, product lines, and more. Agencies for example can ensure they are leveraging the right assets for campaigns by navigating to a brand portal. Your teams can work more efficiently to ensure that the right content is being shared.

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Localize Content Faster and Support Modular Content Strategies

It’s difficult enough to ensure that all your content is on brand across every channel. But having to localize all of that same content for local markets adds another layer of complexity?and can be a huge headache. Often, already-over-tasked designers are stuck with having to recreate content for local markets. This takes valuable time from them that they could be using to deliver higher value work.

With editable brand templates, you can enable your non-creative users to quickly create local marketing content at scale. Parent or global versions of InDesign templates can be stored directly in the DAM. Users can then localize certain parts of these editable templates such as the text and imagery to meet local marketing requirements.

Certain portions of the templates can be locked so that you can control what’s allowed to be localized, and what’s not. These templates also help support modular content strategies and content reuse by allowing you to take a parent version of an asset and easily edit portions of it to meet different use cases?all in a matter of minutes. With these digital, editable brand templates, you can ensure that your brand is always represented accurately in all your markets.

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Creating a True Content Hub

Aprimo’s Brand Management capabilities equips all teams?both internal and external?with everything they need to create and deliver exceptional on-brand omnichannel experiences?from one single location.

Aprimo’s new brand management capabilities will allow us to manage our brand guidelines in one centralized place- everything from overall WTA brand guidelines to more specific guidelines for marketing campaigns and our WTA Finals. This is important for us to ensuring that we connect with our audience with the right brand, assets, and messaging. NATE MARCUS Marketing Manager, Women’s Tennis Association

Interested in learning more? Check out this 1-pager to explore Aprimo’s Brand Management capabilities

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