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Digital Asset Management

Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps enterprises deliver engaging customer experiences with velocity. Digital asset librarians, marketers, brand managers, and creatives can manage images, videos, documents, and other rich assets across different stages of content lifecycles.

Our solution was recognized as a leader by a recent Forrester Research report, for its "outstanding marketing support with robust native and integrated functionality in the areas of content performance, analytics, content marketing, and marketing resource management."

Key Benefits

Deliver visually engaging, relevant, and dynamic marketing content

Launch campaigns and products with velocity by streamlining review cycles and improving collaboration

Automate the delivery of approved, accurate, and brand-compliant content

Connect to third-party systems such as eCommerce, WCM, Adobe Creative Cloud, PIM, PLM, ERP, and CRM



    Asset Repository

    Maintain a single source of truth for your brand assets across the enterprise. Ingest, transform, and preview assets with robust version control… from one consolidated and secure solution.


    Aprimo Creative Cloud Connector

    Orchestrate content faster and simplify the content creation process by connecting Adobe Creative Cloud to Aprimo Digital Asset Management.



    Creative teams too often lose great ideas on sticky notes, whiteboards, and notebooks. Aprimo’s ideation capabilities streamline and digitize the content ideation and content planning process, ensuring that the best ideas can quickly be shared and moved into production.


    Review, Annotations and Workflow

    Streamline the creation, review, approval, and sharing of digital content. Reduce manual tasks, eliminate duplicate assets, and improve cross-departmental and external collaboration with agencies, partners, and others.


    Digital Rights Management

    Role-based permissions control individual, user, and group level access to content. Digital asset rights clearance rules ensure that only approved materials are published and distributed.


    Product Content Management

    Unify global and localized product data from ERP, PLM, PIM, and other systems in one solution. This includes text descriptions, SKUs, pricing, currencies, weights, measures, and more.


    Enterprise Asset Search

    Quickly find and repurpose assets using advanced facets and filters, synonyms, smart search suggestions, partial searches, automatic tagging, and more.


    Asset Download, Transcoding and Sharing

    Save and share search results with multiple users and/or user groups at one time, in the exact view you want to.


    Omni-Channel Content Distribution

    Promote products and brands across channels and update product information in real time. Ensure only accurate, brand-approved content is published by retailers, distributors, ecommerce sites, and partners.

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    Govern and grow your digital brand footprint by managing any product and content, from any source, in any format. Aprimo Digital Asset Management is an answer to the complex problem in a changing environment.

    Aprimo Digital Asset Management Brochure

    Govern and grow your digital brand footprint by managing any product and content, from any source, in any format. Aprimo Digital Asset Management is the answer to a complex problem in a changing environment.

    "[Aprimo DAM] is well suited for customers that need to manage both product information and a large number of digital assets and users across many languages and geographies."

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