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Digital Asset Management for Personalized Customer Experiences at Every Interaction

Digital Asset Management and Work Management Across Functions

Aprimo’s SaaS Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Work Management solutions give your teams the power to create, manage, and share engaging, on-brand customer experiences more efficiently than ever before, in every channel.

Oversee digital content, store different file types and rich media, and collaborate with marketing teams in a single, innovative content operations solution. The Aprimo digital asset management platform is easy to use, so your teams can effectively execute brand management and marketing strategies with no hassle.

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Forrester Research, Inc. Recognizes Aprimo as a Leader in Digital Asset Management

Aprimo Digital Asset Management and Work Management tools help you work faster—without sacrificing brand compliance—and produce higher value content for campaigns. Check out the Forrester Wave™ Reports.

Forrester DAM Wave™ Report 2019, Q4     Forrester MRM Wave™ Report 2020, Q1

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Aprimo helps enterprises everywhere unleash the power of their content. Manage content planning, creation, and distribution all in one place. Store any type of content and media files in a shared repository. Get in-depth insights into how your content performs and what it costs the organization.

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Aprimo Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Break down silos between brand strategists, creatives, and marketers by giving them one place to collaborate. Store all of your digital files and media assets—from text to 3D to 4K videos—in a single location. Gain powerful content governance tools to ensure every campaign has brand consistency and customers enjoy a better user experience.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce technical overhead
  • Searchable content that’s easy to repurpose
  • AI learns your brand’s tags, context
  • Complete content insights
  • Powerful integrations with the tools you use now
  • Easily localize content and control permissions

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Productivity Management

Balance agility with compliance so you can work faster without sacrificing brand, regulatory, or legal compliance. Eliminate low-value project management tasks to free up your teams to focus on the work that brings in customers.

  • Stay aligned with overarching business goals
  • Real-time reports on status of team projects
  • Easily review and approve projects
  • Streamline and automate workflows
  • Eliminate work about work
  • AI learns your business context

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Plan & Spend

Budget, allocate, and redistribute funds in real time. Track spend against marketing budget to optimize marketing performance. The Aprimo content operations and digital asset management platform can help guide your teams to a more ROI-oriented approach.

  • Easily turn strategy into an actionable plan
  • See global spend across all teams
  • Make planning and spend management simple
  • Optimize investments and improve ROI


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If you don’t have a DAM and you’re pushing products to market, you will have absolute chaos—you won’t have efficient marketing campaign management that’s scalable and agile..

- Maria Efstathiou, Worldwide Business DAM Product Owner, Ubisoft

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