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Digitally Transform Content Operations

Digital Asset Management and Work Management for marketing, digital, and CX teams

Aprimo lets you streamline and orchestrate all the planning, work, content, and insights required to deliver exceptional customer experiences faster.

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Revolutionizing MRM and DAM Systems

Forrester has named Aprimo a leader in Digital Asset Management, and Marketing Resource Management.

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Connect Work and Digital Content Across Your Enterprise

Streamline and govern all your marketing and creative activities with Aprimo’s Experience Command Center. Gain global visibility to simplify your planning & budgeting, and optimize workflows & approval processes. Dive deeper to manage marketing resources, digital content, and media assets of all file types. Then analyze performance, all within one enterprise MRM and DAM platform.

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Take a 10 minute product tour of Aprimo's DAM

Digital Asset Management Product Tour

See how a disparate marketing team uses Aprimo DAM to streamline and orchestrate all the work in creating, enriching, managing, and delivering the right content, at the right time to ensure an exceptional customer journey.

Take a 10 minute product tour of Aprimo's Work Managemnt solution.

Work Management Product Tour

Watch how Aprimo Productivity Management allows marketing teams to streamline operations to get to market faster than the competition—beginning with planning and resourcing initiatives, through work management, and enrichment of content for delivery into execution channels.

Invaluable to us

“Our investment in Aprimo means having a one-stop shop that all users can easily access to locate what they need. The self-service and ease of use has made it invaluable to us.”

- Amber Penland, System Administrator, Meyer Corp.

Evolve Your Enterprise Marketing System

It’s not a coincidence that 25% of Fortune 100 companies utilize Aprimo’s best-in-class, enterprise MRM software. We help enterprise marketing teams optimize their content, operations, and performance, while saving time and money.
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ATT logo, teal - Aprimo MRM software success story

Boosted unique campaign activities by 40%

AT&T Success Story

SOS Childrens Villages logo, teal - Aprimo DAM and MRM Success Story

Raised engagement and donations by an average of €75 per donor

SOS Success Story

Logo for Bank of Americaj - BOA

Saved $30 million by eliminating non-aligned campaigns

Bank of America Success Story

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Explore Aprimo’s Content Library for industry insights, explainer videos, customer success stories and more. See how Aprimo’s MRM software and DAM solutions can evolve your enterprise. Browse resources by your preferred themes, challenges, and products.
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Take a deeper dive into these marketing topics.

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What is DAM?

What are the benefits of DAM technology and do you need Digital Asset Management Software?

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What is MRM Software?

What is MRM Software and how can it help you manage resources and activities in real-time?

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The Content Lifecycle

Learn how to better manage content creation, workflow, approvals, and asset management – from ideation to distribution.

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Customer Experience

Discover how enterprises can deliver brand consistency in the digital age to win the CX battle.

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Digital Transformation

Customer experience has changed the marketing landscape forever. Learn how to keep up with the digital future.

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Performance & Intelligence

Learn how AI can help you perform marketing activities faster, easier, and more accurately, with modern marketing technology.

Let us show you how Aprimo’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions can optimize your digital marketing operations.