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Content, Operations, and Performance solutions that enable you to optimize brand experiences and the resources you use to deliver them.

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Aprimo gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.

Digital Asset Management

Aprimo Digital Asset Management helps enterprises deliver engaging customer experiences faster by enabling marketers to easily manage images, videos, documents, and other assets across different stages of content lifecycles.

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Marketing Productivity

Aprimo Marketing Productivity supports the project management, workflow, resource, and calendar activities that enable customer experience groups to increase their speed to market.

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Plan & Spend

Aprimo Plan & Spend enables marketers to easily plan, allocate budget, track spend, and redistribute funds to optimize spend and marketing performance.

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Distributed Marketing

Aprimo Distributed Marketing is a through-channel marketing automation platform that enables brands to market to, through, and for their channels, and proxy and local marketers.

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Aprimo Campaign enables marketers to easily aggregate and manage all customer data in one place for their list management, segmentation, and highly targeted promotions.

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We are Leaders in MRM, DAM, and TCMA

Aprimo scores a hat trick in recent research by Forrester for Marketing Resource Management, Digital Asset Management, and Through-Channel Marketing Automation.

– The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource Management, Q3 2018

New Forrester MRM Wave™ report released

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Aprimo recognized as a leader in Digital Asset Management.

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Aprimo recognized as a leader in Through-Channel Marketing Automation.

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Aprimo Advantages

Aprimo gives the advantage to many of the world's leading companies.

Explore All Success Stories

Explore All Success Stories

Success Story 40%

Saved $30 million by eliminating non-aligned campaigns

Success Story 30M

€65-75 increase from donors that received new assets

Success Story €65-75

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