Optimizely and Aprimo Announce Strategic Partnership and Powerful Idea-to-Experience Solution for the Modern Marketer

Unleash the power of your data, resources, and insights to optimize the planning, creation, and execution of omnichannel experiences. 

Convergence is sexy. Only by bringing together what’s disparate can you find yourself at the heart of innovation. As the world of SaaS clashes, converges, folds in and expands outward, there is but one job for a technology partnership: evolve in a way that allows you, as an organization, to keep innovation at the heart of your strategy.  

To evolve your content operations, you must have the proper tools in hand. Aprimo, the world’s leading and longstanding content operations platform, coupled with Optimizely (formerly Episerver), the world’s leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, give you all the tools you need to optimize your customer experience (CX) journey, whether you’re just starting out or evolving as you grow. 

With the launch of Optimizely’s new technology partner program and Aprimo being named Technology Partner of the Year at the Optimizely 2021 Partner Awards, you can expect to see more innovative solutions from both companies as we work to broaden the existing portfolio of open API integrations, which includes the Optimizely Connector which enables your marketers and digital teams to connect Aprimo DAM with Optimizely’s web content management system (CMS).  

This connector enables your teams to browse, search, drag, and drop Aprimo content directly within Optimizely. Coming soon is an Aprimo Connector supporting your robust work management needs within Optimizely CMS.  

When formulating our roadmap for integrations, you talked, we listened: 

  • You strive to deliver personalized customer experiences efficiently in market  
  • You need to manage content for each relevant experience
  • You must enable your creatives to deliver engaging omnichannel experiences at every touchpoint 

 To do so, there’s only one answer: an integrated SaaS solution to bridge your organizational silos and ensure experiences consistently support your organization’s goals and objectives. 

 With Aprimo & Optimizely, fluidly create and manage all content to empower your marketers, developers, creatives, and commerce teams. 

 Marry the Right Audience with the Right Experience: Create audiences with sophisticated segmentation and targeting within Optimizely and couple with the corresponding content from Aprimo for immersive experiences at scale.  

  •  In Real Time: Optimize next best content recommendations – surface the most relevant content based on your customer’s ongoing, real-time interactions with your brand.  
  •  Do it All, All in One Place: Understand what content you need, easily create it, expertly optimize it, seamlessly experiment and iterate collaboratively, all within an integrated ecosystem. 

But you know, don’t just take it from me – here’s what two of the smartest CEOs in the biz have to say about this oh so auspicious union: 

 Optimizely and Aprimo are a core part of the modern tech stack,” says Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely. “Organizations look to us to make it easier and faster to unlock digital potential across best-in-class solutions.

We know when you combine Aprimo with Optimizely, you have the most powerful and flexible Idea-to-Experience solution,” says Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo. “Our strategic partnership gives you the power to collaborate across teams on truly exceptional, on-brand content experiences and to better deliver those experiences in every channel at scale.


We’ve already helped leading brands build their genius digital strategy – get up to speed by checking out how our joint solution continues to empower Dolby as they rearchitect for a digital world.   

Most importantly – we want to know how you are evolving! If you’ve made it this far, drop me a lineThere’s obviously something that’s kept you hooked, and I’m dying to find out what’s going on in your head! 

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