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Content Operations: Scaling Personalization

August 6, 2020 |

Content Operations Scaling Personalization

It’s no secret that customers demand personalized experiences and as a result, a robust personalization strategy continues to be top of mind for marketers. In fact, Salesforce found in its 2020 State of Marketing report that 69% of customers expect a connected experience across the different channels offered by a brand.[1] But personalization goes beyond having rich customer data. Brands must have the right content to pair with the right message, tone, and context. According to Forrester, “without robust content data, it’s impossible to deliver contextually relevant experiences. True personalization pieces together customer and noncustomer data.”[2]

In practical terms, how do you get the right content, with the right tone, to the right customer, at the right time—for every campaign? During Sync! Season 1, we learned to do it through content operations, or, in other words, digitally transforming the way you turn ideas into plans into personalized experiences.

As I’ve done before in highlighting Content Intelligence and some practical customer case studies, I want to share two amazing sessions with you that go into practical detail on how you can scale your personalization efforts by digitally transforming Content Operations.

Balancing Reach and Frequency

First, we have Robert Rose, an internationally recognized expert in modern content marketing and strategy, sharing how content operations can help you balance reach (getting in front of and gaining the attention of your customer) and frequency (how often this happens). The reason, Robert explains, is that you want to maximize your reach but realistically minimize your frequency as frequency often costs more.

But before you start thinking this is an advanced mathematics lesson, Robert really focuses in on the core of content operations and personalization: can you create something so valuable, and properly deliver it, that it changes your company forever? If you’ve been following work management or the general marketing automation space for a while, you’ll know that’s a very exciting value proposition!

Here is a short clip of Robert’s presentation. If you like what you hear, the full version is available on-demand.

Agile Marketing For The Win

Ok, hopefully you’re sold on Content Operations and how it connects to your Customer Experience. Get ready to be even more excited when you hear about the way modern marketers are approaching the scale problem: it’s called agile marketing.

I’m pleased to say that we had Andrea Fryrear of AgileSherpas, another leading expert, give a great overview of Agile marketing and its transformational ability for you to drive higher quality output, more frequently, while helping you adapt to change much easier.

What makes this next session exciting to me is that while it’s always great to learn about improving the way you get work done, Andrea does a wonderful job of also positioning how rethinking the way you approach your marketing is what you need to be doing right now to manage the uncertainty of the global pandemic.

Agile marketing is a hot topic and not only can you watch the whole presentation on-demand, but I also encourage you to check out the 2020 State of Agile Marketing report that Aprimo and AgileSherpas created together.

Want more real world examples and applications?

If you’re like most brands, 30-40% of your annual marketing budget is spent on content that’s used just once and then is basically forgotten. In an upcoming webcast from Novartis’s Lisa Grimm and Aprimo’s Ed Breault, they’ll explore how Novartis aligned its DAM to more efficiently meet their customers’ needs and the role of artificial intelligence plays in this.

Save Your Seat

[1] Salesforce 2020 State of Marketing: https://www.salesforce.com/form/pdf/6th-state-of-marketing/

[2] Forrester, There’s No Personalization Without Content Intelligence, Nick Barber and Brendan Witcher: https://www.forrester.com/report/Theres+No+Personalization+Without+Content+Intelligence/-/E-RES150135#

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