How Red Hat and Pacific Life Digitally Transformed Content Operations for Efficiency, Scale, and Resiliency

Red Hat Pacific Life Content Operations

The Future of Work arrived much faster than anyone could have anticipated. Despite most media around the world catching onto the fact that the way people work started changing drastically a few months ago, the industry was light on stories of how large teams and departments were coming together in a completely remote, or distributed, working environment.

That’s why I was so pleased to hear some great stories at Aprimo Sync! from brands who have weathered this shift to remote working well and have come out of it more productive. But what also struck me was meeting the people behind the scenes. It was powerful to see the careful planning, preparation, and long-term dedication of individuals who made their companies more agile, more effective, and ultimately more resilient as they were tested by the quick pivot to remote work.

Optimizing Content Lifecycle from A to Z

First, I want to share a fantastic story from Red Hat, a leading provider of open source solutions, who really dug into the concept of optimizing their content lifecycle. In this story we have two people who are individually responsible for large sections of the content lifecycle but who have come together to develop a strategy for a single, integrated solution.

This first teaser is from Alyssa Truesdale, who gives you an introduction to the scale of the problem and how they have automated and streamlined their work.

If you liked what you heard, watch Red Hat’s full story on-demand!

Notice how Alyssa mentions that all her team’s work automation ends up in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution? Creating content is only the first part of the content lifecycle. Leading brands that have optimized their content mix also have a single source of truth and connect that into distribution channels. Here’s a teaser from Alyssa’s colleague Laura who’s the DAM expert at Red Hat.

The Journey to Incredible Efficiency

Switching industries to financial services—but no less transformational—a team from Pacific Life shared an incredible story of business transformation being quite clearly tested, but ultimately standing up to the demands of a rapid transition to 100% remote work.

See for yourself in the teaser below for how the team managed internal expectations and sold the various groups on the vision of a work management platform—including creatives who went from being against automation, to asking for it!

Watch the entire session here.

Digital Transformation Is Full Steam Ahead

As I’ve said before, this is just a taste of the content that industry experts have brought to this season of Sync! so far. Visit the Sync! Agenda to see the complete list of sessions that are now available to watch on-demand—and definitely sign up for upcoming sessions that are sure to please!

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