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Surviving and Thriving with Agile Marketing

April 20, 2020 |

To survive, and most importantly thrive, in today’s consumer world, your teams need to be nimble enough to deliver rich and relevant omnichannel customer experiences while still responding to fast-moving demands and changes. But with so many moving pieces to manage, things can understandably fall through the cracks.

Are These Your Challenges, Too?

Do any of these issues sound familiar to you or your marketing team(s)?

  • Spending too much time on tasks outside of your primary job duties
  • Needing (and failing) to get campaigns and content to market faster
  • Lacking transparency into what’s going on with your teams and the progress they’re making on tasks

If you identified with one or all of these, don’t fret. This is where Agile marketing strategies and methodologies can help. According to AgileSherpas and Aprimo’s 2020 State of Agile Marketing Survey, 42% of traditional marketers surveyed shared that they plan on adopting Agile within a year.
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The Power of Agile

Agile methodologies and capabilities help marketing teams quickly respond to real-time customer concerns, questions, and product issues while giving you the visibility you need into your team’s performance and progress. In fact, 82% of Agile marketers feel that their teams can handle fast-paced work compared to just 70% of traditional marketers.

What else have Agile marketers gained after implementing Agile?

  • 2x as many Agile marketing teams reported improved productivity in 2020
  • 74% of Agile marketers cited they are satisfied with their teams and performance compared to just 58% of traditional marketers

Aprimo Productivity Management is All Agile, All the Time

Aprimo Productivity Management offers a variety of Agile features to help your teams improve productivity, quickly react to market changes, and get your content to market faster.

Work Requests: Need to launch a new marketing campaign or create new marketing materials? Avoid filling out time-consuming creative briefs every time you’re looking to kick off a new project by using intuitive self-service forms that allow you to quickly submit detailed requests.

Resource Optimization: Projects can get derailed at any time. And in the middle of a pandemic, your team’s marketing resources can be quickly overworked, be forced to take unexpected time off—or the scope of a project can just drastically change for a hundred other reasons. Aprimo AI can not only make sure work gets routed to the right person when kicking off a project but can also offer reassignment suggestions when projects need to get back on track.

Agile Board:
A quintessential part of Agile is the ability to quickly visualize all of your work (what’s in progress, what’s done, and what’s still to come). However, we know that priorities change constantly. Our intuitive Agile Board allows for task due dates to be easily adjusted and reordered based on your shifting priorities.

Sprint Views:
Our Agile Board also allows you to see all of your tasks based on the way you and your teams work. View all of your current tasks organized by sprints while also seeing which tasks haven’t yet been assigned to a sprint.

Dynamically Change Projects: Aprimo AI automatically shifts and updates all project dates and milestones whenever the scope of your project changes. These changes will also be reflected on both the Agile Board and Gannt Charts.  This can be especially useful when you’ve got a particularly large workflow.

Mobile Reviews: Review and approve your marketing plans and tasks while you’re on the go (or on your couch). View task details, associated documentation, and other reviewer’s comments and votes all from your smart phone.

Reports & Dashboards: Ensure your team’s performance and output are aligned with your KPIs using Agile reports like burndown charts, sprint progress, bottlenecks, and resource capacity.

All About Agile

If you’re looking to get a 101 on Agile marketing or simply want to learn more about how Aprimo can help your marketing teams, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are several great resources that can get you up to speed.


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