Content Intelligence: Modern Marketing Demands It

Content Intelligence Modern Marketing

Over the last few weeks and months, Aprimo Sync! has been putting the spotlight on some of the world’s foremost experts on content. Specifically, we’ve been focusing on how to best create, manage, and deliver that content into market. At first glance, it might seem that marketing has been doing this for what seems like forever: request comes in, creatives make whatever content is needed, marketers market it.

But, nowadays, marketing is more complex than that. Our world is more connected than ever with a whole lot of channels that each have their own content model. Because of all this, brands have seen their content creation budgets skyrocket.

Fortunately for us citizens of the marketing world, it doesn’t have to be so costly! It’s a concept called “Content Intelligence” and at its core, it’s about knowing your content as well as you know your customer so you can use and reuse content more often and in all the right places.

You know all those descriptor words you see when you download an asset from your corporate content folders? That’s all content metadata—and the more of it you have, the more you know about your content and the more “content intelligence” you possess.

If you’re thinking “yes, but that work is so tedious, and it takes ages to do!” You’d be right… if you relied only on human effort to do the work. Enter AI and machine learning.

I’m so pleased to have two world-renown thought leaders share with you how you can leverage technology, specifically Digital Asset Management (DAM) and artificial intelligence to reach content intelligence—and reduce spending on content—a whole lot faster and more accurately.

Future Forward Content

Let me introduce you to John Horodyski of Optimity Advisors who’s speaking on “Future Forward Content: The Data Foundation for Managing and Powering Content for Success in a Connected World.”

Watch this two-minute teaser video to see what John can brings to the table. If you want more details, watch the whole talk on-demand.

Shared Endeavors Need Sound Data Models

Next, I’m pleased to introduce Mark Davey of IQ Equity. Mark takes a bit more of an industry approach, focusing on Life Sciences because, with the global pandemic going on, it’s a unifying focal point to what we’re all experiencing. His message is broad, though: Shared Endeavors (read: projects that involve a lot of teams in and outside of marketing) Need Sound Data Models.

Watch a two-minute teaser video to get an idea of what Mark’s talk is all about. If you want to see more, watch Mark’s entire talk on-demand.

Content Intelligence is in Your Future

This is just a taste of  the content that industry experts have brought to this season of Sync! so far. Visit the Sync! Agenda to see the complete list of sessions that are now available to watch on-demand—and be sure to sign up for upcoming sessions that are sure to please!

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