Top 3 Ways Content Reuse Can Help You Scale

Building a Dashboard Beyond the Science

It’s not exactly shocking, but brands in every industry want the content they create to really strike home with their customers. Brands want to create content that’s personalized and tailor made for each and every person in their audience, across every single channel they operate in. With digital experiences becoming even more important amid the ongoing pandemic and competition becoming more intense, brands need their digital content to meet the unique needs of their customers?at scale.

More personalized content means more conversions, yes. In fact, 69% of customers expect a connected brand experience across all channels, so personalization is here to stay. But scaling personalized content?painstakingly crafted for Facebook, remade for Twitter, and remade yet again for email’takes a resource that most marketing teams simply don’t have: time. (It takes talent, too; don’t get me wrong!)

To make personalization easier, and to get better return on effort (ROE) for every piece of content your team creates, marketing teams need to start smartly reusing the content they already have on hand. The simplest way to embrace this cost-saving content creation strategy is to start embracing modular content.

Modular Content

Modular content is all about creating small pieces of content that can be easily repurposed in other channels or campaigns. A paragraph here, an image there, creating content blocks that you can put together in new ways to build fresh content speeds up content creation and makes scaling personalized customer experiences possible.

Here are the three ways reusing content in the form of modular content blocks can help your team scale your content personalization game.

  1. Get to Market Faster

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The Aprimo Blog: 3 Ways Content Reuse Can Help You Scale – 69% of Customers Expect a Connected Experience Across The Different Channels Offered by a Brand – Salesforce, State of Marketing 2020

With small, adaptable blocks of content, your marketing teams can put campaign content together faster than ever before. Even brands in highly regulated industries like life sciences or financial services can effectively get to market quicker because modular content blocks offer speed without regulatory trade-offs. In this way, modular content represents an efficient means of freeing up time to scale operations.

  1. Better Use the Resources You Have

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The Aprimo Blog: 3 Ways Content Reuse Can Help You Scale – We can help you increase content reuse by at least 10%

Your awesome marketing team is already working at 110% to create compelling images, copy, downloadable PDFs, and much more to deliver an on-point brand experience that lifts up your brand and brings on the conversions. Give all that powerful content another life with content building blocks. Reuse the content blocks in new contexts and get the absolute most value from the resources you already have.

  1. Maximize Your Content Budget

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The Aprimo Blog: 3 Ways Content Reuse Can Help You Scale – For a company with $1B in revenue, adopting an experience building blocks strategy could mean $4M in savings each year

Nothing makes scaling easier than suddenly having more resources to work with. Modular content enables your team to put more time into the campaigns that promise the greatest ROE and, consequently, spend less time on work that’s necessary but low impact. Reusing content in a thoughtful way expands what your marketing team can do in a given quarter.

DAM is Where Content Reuse Happens

Content creation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though. Brands need a way to keep all of their modular content blocks stored so that they’re easily findable. Afterall, if you can’t find the content you know will fit perfectly into a new campaign, it may as well not even exist.

Brand and marketing teams in every industry can use digital asset management (DAM) solutions like Aprimo to make their entire content operations function smoother. Aprimo even supports all different file types, so those 3D product files you have laying around can more efficiently be reused.

With digital asset management and modular content, your teams can make the entire process of creating exceptional content and reusing it across channels and in new contexts is easier than ever.

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