Digital Asset Management System for Retail for Better Customer Experiences

Connect to Shoppers With Impactful, Omnichannel Content

The modern shopping journey includes both physical and digital touchpoints. That makes delivering seamlessly integrated and convenient experiences more important than ever to both shoppers and retail organizations.

Aprimo gives retail organizations the agility and insights they need to quickly deliver omnichannel, on-brand customer experiences. From brand planning and content creation to alignment of content to product data, Aprimo’s solutions help you unleash the power of your content to better connect with shoppers.

Aprimo for the Retail Industry

Aprimo Empowers Retailers

Aprimo for the Digital eCommerce Retail Industry

Digital and eCommerce

Design, enrich, and deliver consistent, on-brand shopping experiences across all your channels.

Aprimo for the Retail Marketer


Enable marketers to localize, reuse, and personalize content for campaigns and product launches across any channel.

Aprimo for Retail Agencies


Ensure better collaboration with agencies on campaigns and product launches.

Many of the World’s Leading Companies Enjoy the Benefits of Aprimo

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Aprimo’s Solutions for Retail

Marketing Planning for Life Sciences and Manufacturing

Brand and Marketing Planning

In an industry going through massive digital disruption, ensure your marketing investments are optimized for the future.

Aprimo Work Management for Manufacturing

Marketing Work Management

Empower teams to streamline and automate all the work and project management required to deliver omnichannel experiences.

Aprimo DAM for Manufacturing

Digital Asset Management

Gain a global, single source of truth for all your brand, product, digital, and brick-and-mortar content.

6 Steps to Scaling Personalization

Making personalization work at scale requires you to take a step back and reconsider how your customer experience gets made.

Proven Benefits of Aprimo for Retail Organizations

Exceed shopper expectations.

Faster to Market - Retail

Get Content to Market Faster

Break down team silos by automating rote operations work.


Create an Experienced-Focused Organization

Free up time for marketing and creative teams to focus on driving exceptional experiences.


Produce Higher Value Content and Campaigns

Ensure your teams are spending time and effort on content and campaigns that drive higher conversion rates.


Work With Agility

Produce personalized experiences faster that better respond to shoppers’ needs.


Take Action With Insights

See what content and campaigns are getting the most return on marketing effort.

Create Better Campaigns, Faster

Learn how to reuse your best content dynamically and across channels by embracing modular content.

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Digital asset management and product information management work together to help you meet all of your data and content needs.

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DAM Buyer's Guide

DAM systems help retail organizations manage, store, and retrieve rich media and control digital rights and permissions.

Take Back Control of the 5Ws of Marketing

Take Back Control of the 5Ws of Marketing

To provide fresh, personalized, engaging, and consistent content, you need to regain control of the basics: the who, what, when, where, and why of your marketing.

See Aprimo In Action

See for yourself how Aprimo fast-tracks your ability to create, manage, and share exceptional customer experiences in this quick, self-guided product tour.