Taking Control of Marketing Chaos: The Benefits of Work Management

At first glance, optimizing marketing resources may seem like one of those projects that you’d really like to get to, but never seem to have the time because there’s always something more pressing. The reality is that most businesses, like yours, always have some process in place, even if it’s a process that means you constantly miss your deadline, burn out teams, go over budget, or do work that is just not aligned to the overall marketing strategy.

Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe this chaos that you’ve accepted as unchangeable is why there’s always something more pressing?

Taking back control from the chaos of modern marketing and streamlining the way your ideas transform into experiences is no longer optional, it’s essential!  By the way, being faster and more efficient also happens to be a very effective—and sustainable—way at being better than your competition.

At the core of the chaos of modern marketing are three unanswered needs that will help make an enterprise frictionless:

  • collaboration across teams
  • deeper operational insights
  • more automation

You’ve probably discovered for yourself that a big problem for simple project management solutions is that these tools do not properly scale.

But don’t worry! A lot of marketing departments are going through this pain right now:

65% of respondents said that that their biggest expected strategic content management challenge for 2019 will be communication between various teams

Ok, so by now, hopefully you’re interested in Work Management as a concept. Sure, it helps solve a huge communication challenge affecting a big swath of marketing departments, but what, you ask, are the other benefits of Work Management?

Let’s break the many benefits of Work Management down into two groups: company-level and individual-level.

Company-level Benefits:

BenefitWhat you can do with it
Visibility and TransparencyPivot and react to changing market realities faster when you understand what’s in process, including scope and budget.
Streamlined ProcessesGet to market faster. Automate task handoff to eliminate friction that adds a little bit of time here and there but ends up costing days in total.
Sustainable Collaboration – internally and externallyKeep everyone moving forward on the same path. Whether you’re working with internal or external resources, work management solutions give you a single place for mission critical collaboration so that nothing gets lost in email or other point solutions that are great for ad hoc communication, but not for a sustainable record of critical comments.
Optimize your peopleEliminate the burnout that causes team chaos. Confidently assign the right task to the right person at the right time so that your people—you’re most important asset—don’t get burned.
Insights that guide marketing resource decisionsMaximize what your resources to achieve your key KPIs.  Having good data on your internal operations and resources (People, Process, Content, and Brand) can give a more accurate ROI on your activities but also help you identify areas of improvement

As with any technology though, the real benefits are for specific users and how work management can make their jobs (and lives) easier. Here’s a sampling of roles that we typically see get the most out of work management.

Individual-level Benefits by Role:

RoleHow work management helps them
Work RequestorsWork Management removes manual work, providing users with more time to focus on productivity. It empowers users to actively participate in the creative ideation process, submit requests for new projects, provide team members visibility into their work capacity, share updates and concerns on tasks, and more.
Project ManagersProject Managers get not only the visibility they need to effectively oversee the successful completion of projects, but also the automation and agility they need to adjust deliverables, assignees, and other factors as needed.
CreativesWork Management helps creatives during the entire content lifecycle. It provides an intuitive workplace for creative teams to pin ideas and enables creative workflows, reviews, and approvals. MRM solutions help creative teams create richer content, faster.
MarketersMarketers are able to execute personalized and consistent customer experiences more strategically by optimizing their resources throughout the content lifecycle. Work Management also allows for integration into other staple MarTech solutions, like marketing clouds, social publishing, and web content management solutions.
FinanceFinance teams get the insights they need to make data-driven decisions. Without Work Management, they lack the metrics to not only effectively manage their spending and resources, but also to to optimize them and maximize their budgets.

A Better, Smoother Work Experience

At the end of the day, work management seeks to solve one core need that everyone from the CEO of an organization to the individual contributor wants right now: a seamless work experience.

If you want to learn more, check out our materials here to get analyst reports, buyers guides, case studies, and more!

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