Aprimo Expands Building Blocks for Content Operations Success

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Aprimo continues to lead the industry with innovations in brand management, expanded content collaboration and accelerated asset delivery

Chicago–May 7, 2024–Aprimo, the leader in digital asset management (DAM) and marketing resource management solutions (MRM), is poised to extend its lead in content operations by building upon its innovation track record. With a strategic focus on AI, brand management, content collaboration and asset delivery, Aprimo is further enhancing its leadership position in the industry – a position validated by the top possible score in 17 out of 26 criteria in The Forrester Wave™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Customer Experience, Q1 2024 – more than any other vendor. 

The integration of AI-driven automation and content creation has proven instrumental in expediting the time to market for new campaigns and digital experiences. Through the recent launch of Aprimo AI, Aprimo successfully minimized time-consuming manual processes, enabling faster content creation, easier metadata management and intelligent asset searches. This rapid pace of deployment not only enhances agility but also empowers organizations to stay ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape. 

Amidst this accelerated pace of content creation and dissemination, Aprimo is also doubling down on content operations building blocks like brand governance, content collaboration and high-speed content delivery:

  • Amplified Brand Management: In 2023, brand guidelines pages built in Aprimo got 300K visits. Today the company announced new capabilities helping companies enforce more control over their brand through self-registration for brand portals and empowering brands to ensure acceptance of  customized content policies upon user login.
  • Agile Content Collaboration: Last year, Aprimo users worked with content annotations more than 2.5 million times. Now, content collaboration reaches new levels with additional discussions functionality, personalized content subscriptions, and AI-assisted content reviews. Earlier this year, as part of the Aprimo AI launch, the company introduced Smart Actions, AI-powered shortcuts that can perform brand and compliance reviews, answer questions, summarize or translate assets, write blogs or social media posts, and take other custom actions on any asset. Today, Aprimo announced the ability to include a Smart Action in automated review workflows. The new Smart Action Review capability will aid human reviewers in preventing violations of brand guidelines, regulations, and digital rights.  
  • Accelerated Asset Delivery: In 2023, Aprimo recorded more than 1 billion asset searches and millions of assets delivered via its Public Links services. The company is now making its content capabilities more powerful for SEO optimization  with the ability for users to leverage custom domains when creating asset links, and enhanced search engine image indexing for images delivered via Aprimo.

These capabilities bolster increased brand governance safeguards, empower users to better collaborate on content and deliver assets at even higher speeds to end users.

“Not only do these advancements cater to the evolving needs of modern business, but they position Aprimo as an innovator in the industry,” said Erik Huddleston, chief executive officer of Apimo. “Recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Digital Asset Management (DAM) for Customer Experience, Q1 2024, Aprimo continues to empower organizations to streamline their content operations and drive engagement to achieve impressive and tangible business outcomes.”

Said Huddleston: “I’m excited to celebrate Aprimo’s significant progress over the past year and look forward to what lies ahead. Each new capability we introduce enhances efficiency and optimization for our customers, empowering them to excel in their work and concentrate on growth and revenue generation.”

About Aprimo
Aprimo’s AI-powered content operations platform helps your teams spend their time and effort on content and marketing strategies that drive business outcomes and reach customers in the right channels. Recognized by Forrester for its digital asset management software, Aprimo has been named the leading vendor in the Wave Report for DAM due to its continued innovation in AI and vision for generative AI solutions. Aprimo provides customers with a future-proofed 360° view into content strategy, planning, collaboration, and delivery across all teams and locations in real-time to help your teams manage, measure, and monetize your digital assets.

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