Announcing Aprimo AI

Delivering the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in DAM systems

We are already in an AI era, with 62% of businesses reporting a significantly higher AI spend in 2024. Also, 73% of US marketers report using generative AI tools in their day-to-day work. Businesses see the game-changing impact AI can have on team productivity based on its increased ability to understand natural language. At the same time, AI needs to be used in a way that does not violate copyright, digital rights, industry regulations, or the company’s own brand guidelines.

Aprimo has been at the forefront of deploying AI capabilities to make users of DAM systems more productive. Our 2023 launch of Content Coach and previous capabilities like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in images and video transcription gave the Aprimo DAM a leading edge in the industry. Analyst firms rated us a leader in the DAM industry based on these innovations.

Aprimo AI Creates Material Impact

Today, we take our leadership in DAM a step further with the launch of Aprimo AI ? a state-of-the-art solution that applies the benefits of AI across the content lifecycle. Over the last 3-4 months, several fast-growing companies, as well as some of the world’s best-known brands, have deployed it in their content operations to some great results:

  • 80% faster asset creation
  • 75% faster email copywriting, 66% faster social media copywriting
  • 40-50% faster asset discoverability
  • 50% reduction in content localization costs
  • $20-50K average savings per campaign

Under the umbrella of Aprimo AI, we have several capabilities that uniquely incorporate any company’s assets (images, videos, and text documents) and advanced language capabilities to improve the content lifecycle ? with brand and compliance at the forefront. We will continue to add more capabilities to Aprimo AI over time in service of our vision to make DAM users more effective and efficient.

There are four main ways in which you can benefit from using Aprimo AI in your content lifecycle today. Let’s dive deeper into each of these areas.

Accelerate Content Creation

Manual content creation has its upsides and its drawbacks. While you can create more high-quality, human-intensive content, it takes time and is difficult to scale across channels, audiences, geographies, or brands. With the advent of AI, teams that rely only on producing content manually will experience lower productivity and higher cost pressures.

Aprimo AI makes content creation faster in multiple ways. It lets you create asset variants within DAM, write asset descriptions or localize assets in seconds, and even create completely new on-brand copy for a blog, email, or social media channel. Any new copy created by Aprimo AI is based on your DAM assets and collections, and none of your data is used to train public models. This helps your teams accelerate content velocity and reduce cycle time to launch new experiences in the market without putting the business at risk in any way.

Supporting Aprimo AI capabilities include:

  • Smart Actions and Content Coach create new content, e.g., blogs, social media posts, emails or ad copy. You can use these capabilities to summarize or localize an asset or answer any learning or enablement questions for users based on a single asset or a collection.
  • Smart Transform and Smart Cropping help create image variants personalized for different devices, channels, and campaigns. This includes the ability to change backgrounds, remove objects, change a model or an expression, and crop based on objects of focus or interest in an image.
  • Video Summary creates an abstract and a time-based summary for any video uploaded into Aprimo.
  • Smart Text Fields help users edit descriptive metadata fields like asset descriptions and adopt different tones or word counts for different campaigns.

Automate Asset Management

Managing and organizing a large amount of content by manually writing metadata can be tough on your teams. When organizations accumulate thousands of images, videos, and documents in a DAM system, they will find it difficult to manage assets systematically. They rely on their teams to fill in accurate and descriptive metadata manually, making it a time-consuming and error-prone process. Content creators and librarians need to manually ensure that all assets have high-quality and high-density metadata for them to be discoverable. This makes it difficult to scale content creation within a business if users spend a significant portion of their time tagging content, filling metadata fields repeatedly, and maintaining the right taxonomy across thousands of assets.

Aprimo AI reclaims your team’s time by letting AI automate asset management activities that have been completely manual. Aprimo’s metadata automations start working as soon as users upload assets ? images, videos, text documents – by tagging them, applying brand-specific taxonomy, and extracting relevant information from the file itself. This saves a lot of time for users each time they add an asset.

GLAM Video Summary and smart Tag web

Supporting Aprimo AI capabilities include:

  • Smart Tagging for images and documents ensures users don’t have to manually create all tags. Simply upload content, review tags recommended by AI and save.
  • Smart Tag Training helps train the AI to identify your company or brand specific terminology like product names. Once you have tested and signed off on the efficacy of AI in identifying your products in images, AI starts automatically tagging assets with product names, enabling users to search for assets using taxonomy specific to your business.
  • Predictive Metadata can scan the content of text documents as they are uploaded, understand the context, and use it to fill out some metadata fields like descriptions, product names, etc.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) recognizes any text inside an image or a video, making rich media significantly more discoverable in the DAM. By automatically extracting and storing text from images and videos, the AI enables users to find assets based on the written details within the visual content.
  • Video Speech to Text transcribes videos as they are uploaded into Aprimo, making the audio script within the file completely searchable without any manual effort.

Amplify Asset Discoverability

Assets in a DAM system can be hard to find for downstream users. How does a marketing team member find images faster, spend less time digging around in the DAM, and more time leveraging the images from DAM to create engaging customer experiences? Without AI, users need to know the right keywords and filters to find relevant content. And even with that knowledge, the search can take a long time.

Enter Aprimo with AI-powered asset discovery. Our AI surfaces the most relevant search results in a flash and reduces the time users spend looking for content. Users also don’t need to rely completely on keyword matches with tags to search assets. They can describe their campaign themes in simple language. AI automatically understands the need and matches them with best-fit results based on a deep understanding of the visual or text components of an asset.

AI Search Healthy Living web

Supporting Aprimo AI capabilities include:

  • AI Search transforms asset discovery by going beyond simple keyword matching to understanding the content within an asset ? visual or textual. Find the assets you need in milliseconds and focus your time on customizing and leveraging them for your work.
  • Similar Content Recommendations suggest alternative assets in Aprimo’s DAM based on facial recognition of similar models, themes, or objects. Find the best asset from a large collection like a photoshoot that matches your needs without having to scroll through assets in the DAM.
  • Video Summary changes the game when it comes to video discovery in a DAM. AI understands what is shown and said in a video to create an abstract and a time-based summary. This makes it easier for users to jump to a section of a video or a b-roll that they can use or reuse for their campaign.

Ensure Brand Safety and Compliance

Generative AI has led to the democratization of content creation, enabling many more employees, partners, and agencies to contribute content than ever before. But with this proliferation of content, how does a business ensure all content used externally is on-brand, legally compliant, and does not violate digital rights or copyrights in any way? Also, how do you ensure company content and assets don’t get used to train public AI models, increasing the data security risk?

Aprimo AI provides a wide range of AI functionalities to ensure brands can use AI in the content lifecycle safely and securely. It’s trained only on your own data and assets, and Aprimo never shares anything with a public model.

If creatives or agencies leverage AI tools to generate images or parts of images, Aprimo AI automatically detects that it’s AI-influenced and triggers a review workflow. Now you can get all AI-influenced content in front of a human to sign off before they get used in external campaigns. This ensures complete brand safety.

AI Content Detection CPG Web

Supporting Aprimo AI capabilities include:

  • AI Content Detection proactively reduces the risk of AI-generated content as it enters the DAM environment. It automatically detects AI-generated content from popular AI engines and enters it into the file metadata along with a confidence score. These fields can then be used to trigger an automated review workflow.
  • Smart Action Review and Workflows bring the power of Smart Actions in more places within Aprimo than just an asset or collection view. When you are in a workflow or review step, you can now leverage AI to review documents and marketing material from the point of view of compliance, contradictions, and truth in advertising. AI automatically adds annotations on draft documents with recommendations on how to change the copy to make it compliant with laws and industry standards.
  • AI Cost Tracking monitors and controls how much team members spend on generative AI models. Have team members enter the number of units or tokens used for each project activity in Aprimo so you can report on and optimize the use of generative AI across projects.

The New Era of AI in DAM is Here

We believe in leading by example in the B2B software space. Our secure and thoughtful deployment of AI in the DAM system will continue to deliver efficiencies for our customers and for the market in general. If you want to learn more about Aprimo AI and the many innovations in this unified experience, please use any of the following resources.

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