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You have a baseline repository in place for your creatives, marketing, and digital operations, but they would be more productive and effective with a flexible taxonomy and metadata structure so they could quickly and easily search for, find, use and distribute content for sales and marketing purposes.

Characteristics of this stage:

  • Teams spend too much time looking for or recreating content
  • Use of inconsistent messaging impacts the quality of the customer experience
  • Searching for the right content is cumbersome, slow and confusing – impacting your speed to market
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Improve content findability by organizing content based on your specific business criteria

Customize your taxonomy so that you can create and manage categories for all of your assets

Easily search, find, and leverage approved content

Improve your ability to keep assets up to date, organized, and enriched

Become more nimble and agile to accelerate time to market and response to customer needs

Deliver consistent, on-brand customer experiences

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