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Digital Asset Management

Manage content planning, creation, and distribution all in one place to get on-brand, personalized customer experiences to market faster.

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Productivity Management

Improve productivity and collaboration, increase visibility, and align strategies with business objectives in real time to move your brand forward.

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Plan & Spend

Track, measure, and optimize your marketing spend and performance with planning, budgeting, and expense management tools all in one place.

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Get a single view into strategy, planning, execution, review, and delivery across all teams and locations in real time.

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Aprimo Modular Content

Solution Brief

Optimize Content Reuse, Maximize Content Budgets

Modular Content helps you create personalized experiences by breaking high-value content into its smallest, re-usable form to speed up time-to-market across brands, channels, regions, and customer segments.

  • Omnichannel Personalization - Avoid starting from scratch and reassemble content into new, personalized channel-focused combinations. 
  • Market Expansion - Create relevant, localized content faster for different markets.
  • Brand Integrity - Avoid creating off-brand or non-compliant content by only enabling the re-use of alreadyapproved content.


Here’s How It Works

  • Plan - Set yourself up for modular content success by aligning on content plans from the start.
  • Create - Standardize the creation of content so that non-creative users can be empowered to create and adapt content across channels and experiences. 
  • Curate - Create more impactful content experiences faster and without having to create them from scratch.
  • Activate - Leverage the powerful capabilities of Aprimo DAM to get content-driven experiences into market faster.
  • Optimize - Track where content has been used, and quickly refine content strategies.


Modular Content helps you create personalized experiences at scale



Prepare Dynamic Content Plans

Create modular content-specific content plans that can be  adapted across channels and  content experiences.


Create Data-Driven Content Plans

Gain inspiration for new modular content by using AI to surface related assets, and by gaining access to content performance data that shows which assets have (and have not) performed well in the past.


Dynamic Content Operations

Create content from anywhere, without having to follow traditional processes–whether it’s building content from modular content or breaking existing content down into re-usable components.


Centralize Creative Components

Store creative files and components in the DAM, not just final outputs.


Support Any Type of Content Block or Set

Create a content model and taxonomy that supports all content types from images and videos to 3D and text files (e.g., disclaimers, claims, etc.).


Ensure Modular Content Success

Make it easier to know how modular content can be used, re-combined, and presented by including usage guidelines, linking different renditions and related assets. 


Empower Non-Creative Users

Enable non-creative users (e.g., sales teams, partners) to leverage relevant modules of content so they can create custom, on-brand marketing materials on their own.


Accelerated Content Delivery

Deliver modular content directly from the DAM to various channels via CDN links to ensure content is automatically updated, edited, or expired wherever it’s used. 


Assemble Content More Efficiently

Swap in and out content modules without having to redeploy the entire content experience or template.


Make In-Flight Adjustments

See how content is performing in campaigns and across channels  in real-time and quickly make  any necessary adjustments to optimize performance.


Link to Analytics Solutions

Connect Aprimo data with marketing analytics tools to tell the bigger data story and better refine content and creative strategies.



See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.


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