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Maximize Content Reuse, Optimize Content Budgets

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Personalized customer experiences are the new norm

To give your customers the engaging customer experiences that they?ve come to expect, your content needs to be easy to find and totally reusable in any channel. That’s where modular content comes in.

Producing content at scale, though, is a persistent challenge.

69% of customers expect a connected experience across the different channels offered by a brand.
– Salesforce, State of Marketing 2020

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Scaling content is hard

Today, all content is created by craftsmen, but only some content requires their skill.

  • Highly custom
  • Requires advanced skillsets
  • Hard to reuse
  • Hard to collaborate
  • Slow to experiment
  • Time consuming
  • Hard to replicate
  • Impossible to localize
  • Brand mistakes

Scale content production with modular blocks

Modular content blocks help you build personalized customer experiences at scale by allowing you to build the just-right, curated experiences that customers demand quickly and efficiently.

1. Store in DAM

Store blocks in Aprimo DAM that display the block’s associated image and details about the content.

2. Integrate Into User Workflow 

Easily pull images from the DAM into your next project.

3. Organization and Finability

Most content repositories will help you aggregate content, but it quickly becomes a grey box.

A DAM will help you organize and find content with metadata and taxonomy.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging AI out-of-the-box, Aprimo DAM will show you exactly where the block you’re looking for is located?with its associated context?without making you waste hours searching.

Average marketing budget is 10% of revenue.

Content spend is about 40% of budget.

We can help you increase content reuse by at least 10%.

For a company with $1B in revenue, adopting a modular content block strategy could mean $4M in savings each year.

Modular Content

Learn all about how modular content will help you get the most from the content your teams create by effectively, efficiently, and strategically reusing it.

Use content to deliver personalization more efficiently

Produce engaging content and stay under budget

Create robust content operations workflows

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.