Aprimo ERP Connector

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Connect Marketing Financials Between Aprimo and ERP Systems

Aprimo’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Connector empowers marketers to share activity, supplier, and financial data between Aprimo Plan & Spend and any ERP system.

  • Streamlined Marketing Spend – Empower marketers to view marketing financial information from the ERP in the Aprimo interface.
  • Increased Visibility – Stay up-to-date on global marketing spend and resource information.
  • Risk Reduction – Reduce risks by automatically pulling spend details from an ERP solution into Aprimo.

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Achieve an Extended View Into Marketing Financials

  • Automatically connect marketing financial information in Aprimo to enterprise financials within ERP solutions.
  • Adjust what information is shared between the ERP and Aprimo and in which direction the data flows.
  • Gain ERP and Aprimo insights directly from within Aprimo’s interface.

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Easily pass financial data between Aprimo Plan & Spend and any ERP system.

Activities and Forecasts

Transfer activities and forecasts between Aprimo and your preferred ERP.

Purchase Orders

Commitment information entered in Aprimo is passed over to the ERP system to become a PO.

Invoice and Journal Vouchers

Actuals recorded in the ERP are linked to POs, then automatically loaded in Aprimo as invoices and journal vouchers.

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Oversee and maintain all marketing-related financial information in Aprimo Plan & Spend.

Focused View

View only marketing-related financial information directly in Aprimo.

Vendor Management

Ensure marketing only uses vetted suppliers that are already approved in the ERP system.

Monitor Invoice Payments

Gain visibility into vendor invoice payment status and timing.

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Use insights gained to make data-driven decisions.

Compare Planned and Actual Spend

View and compare Forecasts against Commitments and Actuals.

Flexible Architecture

Easily make changes to the scheduled transfer of data between Aprimo and the ERP system.

Customized Data Templates

Transfer only necessary data and save time by utilizing any existing data feeds from the ERP system.


See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.