Improve content quality and velocity with Marketing Productivity

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Marketing Productivity

Improve content quality and velocity with Marketing Productivity. Its advanced intelligent workflows take the legwork out of the production process so you are free to focus on what matters: improving the customer experience.

Key Benefits

Create, route, and approve strategic projects to power your customers’ experiences

Manage the full scope of marketing projects with advanced intelligent workflows

Collaboratively review and approve content and assets to drive quality and consistency

Balance teams across projects, tasks, and resources for marketing agility and efficiency

Store, share, and manage your content and assets in a central library to ensure brand compliance



    Work Request

    Drive productivity by streamlining the process of kicking off new projects. Work Request automates the rest. It utilizes templates to gather all the necessary data and then shares it with the assigned teams. It intuitively notifies all team members of the new project, assigns their tasks, and outlines a proven workflow.



    Workflow intelligently manages workflow processes and adjusts itself based on dynamic conditions. It automates every aspect of getting work done efficiently, and it visually displays the entire process. Workflow is purpose-built for marketing, because it automates notifications and reminders, stores attachments and notes, and tracks expected versus actual labor costs. The most amazing part? As you go through more workflows, the most successful ones are saved as a best-practice template. Your marketing process continually improves, allowing you to put more campaigns in market.


    Review & Approvals

    Reviews & Approvals offers a centralized way to collaborate and streamline the review process. Everyone collaborates within one portal to efficiently move critical content forward. Automated reminders eliminate bottlenecks, link decision-makers to the approval forms, and provides various approval styles—such as consensus, single, and sequential. It also captures all history and outcomes for complete auditability.



    With Annotations, all stakeholders and contributors collaborate on markups and revisions of content. Collaboratively edit, discuss, and verify changes. Annotations provides a powerful toolset to efficiently review all marketing materials, including video.


    Resource Planning

    Aprimo eliminates the stress of juggling resources while team members are out of the office or unable to carry new tasks. Resource Planning intelligently plans current and future work capacity based on your input. Leaders can make strategic decisions and re-allocate team members to where they are most needed.


    Agile Boards

    Agile Boards show tons of information in one glance. Visualize, manage, and balance all of your projects, tasks, and resources in one place that all team members can access. Agile Boards show you today's bottlenecks and priorities so you can re-focus your team's efforts to where it's most needed.


    Task Inbox

    Task Inbox is a personal way to prioritize your day. It lists all of your assigned tasks and allows you to provide updates, attach documents, and log time through a secure web-based portal.


    Content & Asset Management

    Provide wide-ranging access to marketing content while maintaining brand standards, ensuring compliance, and leveraging creativity in a centralized way. Content & Asset Management creates a searchable repository of all marketing deliverables, and it stores each version to keep all assets audit-ready. Anyone--from marketers, agencies, sales people, or other members of your extended marketing ecosystem--can find the content they need.



    The Calendar provides everyone with a single place to see everything that's going on in their marketing world. With it, you can create, view, and publish various marketing calendars with the exact right level of information for each audience within your business. Need a promotions calendar for sales? Done! Do traffic managers need an operational calendar to view all in-flight projects and their work schedules? Done! Each element on the calendar can be set to be available publicly or privately, and they are hyperlinked to relevant additional details. Each calendar is highly configurable and contains options to control viewing styles, colors, filter options, and more. The best part? The calendar is always accurate and dynamically populated as individuals set up and manage their marketing campaigns. You no longer need someone to manually update another marketing calendar.


    Executive Dashboard

    CMOs get at-a-glance visibility into marketing’s performance with the Executive Dashboard. Build reports to prove ROI, see performance via analytics, and measure KPIs to see what's working and what's not. The powerful, time-saving Executive Dashboard displays all reports in a configurable environment, each containing a unique URL. The best part? Every time you open a dashboard, it updates in real time, so you are guaranteed to see the latest data.



    Reporting gives marketers out-of-the-box reports to understand and securely share the most important insights about your business, such as finances, strategies, and campaign results. Need a unique report? Leverage the Aprimo platform to configure reports to your specific needs for additional reporting power.

    Aprimo Marketing Productivity Brochure

    Aprimo Marketing Productivity provides an intelligent, cloud-based solution to help marketers simplify and automate marketing collaboration.

    “Establishing a consistent process throughout our marketing organization has helped us closely align projects to corporate objectives. We now have visibility across the organization.”

    "[Aprimo] gives us a common solution to serve our clients in a proven way."

    "The modeling capability in the Workflow & Project Management solution has helped us make better decisions."

    Increased marketing output by 25%

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