Connect Your Enterprise Marketing Data to the Cloud with Aprimo Campaign

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Aprimo Campaign

Today’s marketers are challenged with leveraging the power of the marketing cloud, while also taking full advantage of all their marketing data sources in a practical, secure, and controllable way. Aprimo Campaign provides Enterprise Campaign Management capabilities from the cloud that allow modern marketers to easily perform deep segmentation on data where it rests (on-premise, hosted, cloud) across multiple sources. These selected and targeted customers and prospects can then be assigned to offers, and connect with email, direct mail, advertising, and other execution channels in the cloud.

Key Benefits

Easily and securely query all of your rich, deep marketing data where it sits

Leverage your business data model and terms, not a generic packaged model

Increase marketing efficiency with repeatable, automated targeting

Connect with your preferred marketing execution channel vendor

Enjoy the performance and economies of the cloud while leveraging your investment in data



    Data Connectivity

    Natively connect to your marketing data on SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata databases on-premise, hosted, or in the Azure Cloud for consistent high performance as well as connect to other ad-hoc Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data sources. Expose only the data needed for marketing and rename any entity and attribute names to user-friendly display names.


    Marketing Universe

    Marketing Universes map over your data model to support your business relationships—individuals to orders to line items with store and product hierarchies—even across multiple data sources. They support your organization’s terminology and list of attributes with modifiable terms, including attribute-level security.



    Aprimo Campaign Segmentation is a drag-and-drop, visual designer that allows you to define the queries, splits, suppressions, and processing rules to reach the best prospect or customer for your campaign.


    Contact Optimization

    Managing your customer contacts and targeting the best offers and campaigns is critical to increased marketing performance. Contact Optimization provides a centralized arbitrator and qualifier to run against your final segmentations.


    Offer Manager

    Offer Manager from Aprimo Plan & Spend integrates with Aprimo Campaign to organize and assign Offers and Creative Treatments to specific customer or prospects. Offer Manager helps you produce, review, organize, and standardize Creative Treatments and Offers into a master library for placement across campaigns.



    The Calendar provides your entire team with a single place to view all activities happening in their marketing world. With this configurable and dynamic calendar, you can create, view, and publish various marketing calendars with the exact, right level of information for each audience within your business. Need a drop date of campaigns for sales? Done! Do traffic managers need an operational calendar to view all in-flight projects and their work schedules? Done!


    Executive Dashboard

    CMOs get at-a-glance visibility into marketing’s performance with the Executive Dashboard. Build reports to prove ROI, see performance via analytics, and measure KPIs to see what's working and what's not. The powerful, time-saving Executive Dashboard displays all reports in a configurable environment, each containing a unique URL. The best part? Every time you open a dashboard, it updates in real time, so you are guaranteed to see the latest data.



    Reporting gives marketers out-of-the-box reports to understand and securely share the most important insights about your business, such as finances, strategies, and campaign results. This includes an Aprimo Campaign Segmentation waterfall report of segment and cell counts with dropped counts along the way. Need a unique report? Leverage Aprimo to configure reports to your specific needs for additional reporting power.

    Aprimo Campaign Brochure

    Aprimo Campaign is an enterprise campaign management SaaS application designed to access and select millions of customers and many millions of transactions across multiple sources wherever the data may sit.

    Aprimo Campaign enables marketers to manage customer targeting into test and control cells, associate those cells with offers and creative treatments, and then orchestrate distribution across marketing channels and vendors (email, direct mail, digital, SMS, mobile, etc.).

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