About the Partner

Technology Partner
North America

Showell is a sales enablement company that supports sales and marketing teams globally. With Showell, marketing has access to metrics that helps them create content that generates revenue. Sales teams have ready access to all the materials they need, they can adapt presentations to each customer and then track their engagement. This allows sales guys to create tailored digital experiences for prospects and ensure that they have all they need to help customers say yes faster.

Partner Specialty

Content Management

  • Centralize and organize materials based on your sales journey, ensuring your sales representatives have the content they need at a moment’s notice.

Digital Sales Rooms

  • Show content in multiple formats seamlessly within the same platform. Prospects can access all the relevant files in one place and invite teammates

Customer Engagement Analytics

  • Put data at the center of your sales journey by tracking how salespeople, dealers, and partners use content and how your prospects consume it.