About the Partner

Technology Partner
Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Global, North America, South/Latin America

Aprimo and Microsoft have partnered together for more than 20 years and Aprimo continues to innovate and grow the partnership today.



About Our Partnership

All of Aprimo’s SaaS offerings are hosted on Azure’s infrastructure offering both security & scalability. Aprimo also uses Azure OpenAI to accelerate content creation and automate asset management workflows by leveraging advanced generative AI. 



Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Aprimo is transactable via the Azure Marketplace. Azure customers can decrement against their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACCs) by purchasing Aprimo software. This allows for a more streamlined review & procurement process, as well as validation of Aprimo’s security & accreditation by Microsoft. 

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Microsoft Gold Partner

Aprimo has also attained gold application development competency, demonstrating a best-in-class ability and commitment to meet Microsoft Corp. customers’ evolving needs in today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world and distinguishing itself within Microsoft’s partner ecosystem. This gold designation is a testament to Aprimo’s dedication to continuing to build and enhance our robust marketing operations solutions on a secure, scalable cloud service. Utilizing Microsoft Azure enables Aprimo to more rapidly provide customers with product advancements and to simplify delivery of ongoing product innovations.