About the Partner

Technology Partner

Marq is the brand templating platform that enables you to deliver relevant content to your audience faster by empowering everyone in your organization to self-serve personalized, on-brand content. Import your brand identity and assets, convert assets to locked brand templates, and connect custom data sets to automate content creation.  With Marq, end users become self-sufficient and one-off requests are eliminated – freeing up marketing and creative teams to focus on higher priority, strategic initiatives.

Better Together

Content operations and templating solutions lie at the heart of making your organization self-sufficient in the creation, management, and delivery of impactful content to your audiences. Together, Aprimo and Marq provide a seamless end-to-end solution that focuses on streamlining content production, reducing creation and design bottlenecks, and ultimately increasing efficiency and brand integrity across the organization, making it easier than ever for each team to create powerful experiences that convert.