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Technology Partner
Asia, Europe, North America

Significantly increase conversion, speed up time to market, and run your marketing and sales processes more efficiently–with a frictionless end-to-end experience solution enabling you to engage customers with personalized and consistent brand and product experiences.

Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud integrates comprehensive AI-powered product information management capabilities. This includes the automated onboarding, enrichment, contextualization, and distribution of branded product content to multiple sales channels and touchpoints. Hereby, Contenserv allows the headless integration of multiple leading digital commerce solutions, front-end systems, channels, and data sources. It provides brand manufacturers and retailers with a single source of truth for consistent product content management and the provision of personalized product experiences.

Combining Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud and Aprimo’s Productivity Management/Marketing Resource Management (MRM) streamlines product content creation and distribution while optimizing marketing resources, resulting in cohesive and impactful brand experiences across multiple channels, all managed efficiently within a unified platform.

This leads to:

  • Better Collaboration
  • Faster Content Creation
  • More Efficient Operations and Improved Marketing Performance
  • Integrated software also Supports Scalability and Regulatory Compliance