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About the Integration

Digital Asset Management

At Stacks, we like to say that DAM is a program, not a project. It involves, people, processes, and platforms

Our team of DAM managers, librarians, and consultants work to ensure that Aprimo customers build and implement organized and understandable standards and workflows to maximize the value of their digital assets.

If you need help getting started with DAM or support on an ongoing basis, our team can bring the bandwidth and expertise you need.


  • DAM Standards & Process Development
  • DAM Workflow Recommendations
  • Asset Enrichment (Metadata, Keywords, File Names, etc.)
  • Folder Structure & Permissions Implementation
  • Regular Asset Ingestion/Management


  • Stacks brings a team of DAM managers, consultants, and librarians to every project
  • Years of DAM expertise and knowledge of best practices
  • Experience across many industries and use cases building and growing DAM programs
  • Custom metadata taxonomy, permissions structure, and other unique standards
  • Custom project plans for current stage in DAM development as well as future roadmap for growth

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