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About the Integration

Life Sciences
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What it Does With Aprimo and SecureCHEK AI, organizations can automate the development of personalized content and derivative materials that are prechecked pre-MLR submission to ensure content is accurate, on-brand, and compliant with business standards. Pharmaceutical organizations can now unlock their modular content potential by developing and checking materials for product promotion within a single platform. Aprimo customers will have complete autonomy over their content and can begin early in the content development phase (pre-submission) to expedite promotional review and content production.

How Does it Work? An Aprimo user can now upload new content to Aprimo and automatically send it over to SecureCHEK AI for Precheck.  The results flow back into Aprimo, highlighting any areas of concern.  If there are any questions, the user can follow a link from Aprimo to go to SecureCHEK’s full UI. This allows most issues to be resolved before submitting to the MLR team.

Aprimo + SecureCHEK AI PreCheck Process

Key Benefits:

  • Balance agility with compliance
  • Process more content with fewer resources
  • Boost productivity: Coordinators can double their QC capacity and execute their checks 70% faster
  • Improve efficiency: Agencies can speed up time to submission and forecast time for discussion of open items
  • Accelerate time to market: Users can deliver materials to market 3X faster, to optimize product launches
  • Receive review-ready materials with Quality Assessment Report
  • Create libraries for multiple personas

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