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Digital Asset Management

Manage content planning, creation, and distribution all in one place to get on-brand, personalized customer experiences to market faster.

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Productivity Management

Improve productivity and collaboration, increase visibility, and align strategies with business objectives in real time to move your brand forward.

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Plan & Spend

Track, measure, and optimize your marketing spend and performance with planning, budgeting, and expense management tools all in one place.

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The Definitive Guide to Content Operations

Everything you need to know about content ops and how it helps drive personalized CX at scale.

Discover Aprimo's Content360°

Get a single view into strategy, planning, execution, review, and delivery across all teams and locations in real time.

Marketing Cheat Codes Podcast

Join industry luminaries and DAM experts on how they beat Marketing: the game that never ends. New episodes every other week!

About Us
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Aprimo Joins the MACH Alliance

Built entirely upon the MACH Alliance’s foundational principles, Aprimo is honored to help this global collective lead the charge toward an agile, robust, and composable future for our industry.

What is the MACH Alliance?

MACH is a global community dedicated to shaping the future of enterprise technology. The MACH Alliance is a worldwide non-profit organization which aims to provide guidance and demonstrate the business advantages of open technology ecosystems marked by specific qualifications under the MACH designation. MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless) is a set of principles behind future-proof best-of-breed software. Agile, nimble, always up-to-date technology that you can add, replace, and stack together for your evolving business and customer experience.


Microservices - Individual functionalities that are independently developed and managed to create solutions that are lightweight and always evolving

API-first - All functionality is exposed via API, from the ground up, for efficient integration with your tools and technologies

Cloud-native SaaS - Software that’s always up-to-date and scales to fit your business needs. No more upgrades!

Headless - Front-end presentation is decoupled from back-end logic, which means nothing stands between your software and any channel that you want to use it in

“We are honored to be an official member of the esteemed MACH Alliance community. Our membership further solidifies our position as technology innovators and offers unparalleled opportunities to support businesses to excel in the digital era. With its deep domain knowledge, global professional network and a vast array of research and educational resources, MACH Alliance is the ideal organization for Aprimo to be a part of, and we look forward to all that we will accomplish together.”

Erik Huddleston, CEO at Aprimo
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Aprimo is built on MACH

Aprimo is cloud-native, API-first, architected with microservices, and can operate headlessly. Our approach combines the best of enterprise grade SaaS: ease of deployment and activation to decrease risk, with composable architecture for ease of ecosystem connectivity. With our superior technology, support and partner network you have an ideal foundation for a best-of-breed content operations stack.


Learn more about how Aprimo uses the MACH framework to revolutionize DAM.


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