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“Aprimo becoming part of the MACH Alliance is very welcome news. Aprimo’s approach to customers, culture and MACH advocacy means that they will add greatly to the positive energy within the Alliance.”

Matt Bradbeer, MACH Alliance co-founder and UK Commerce Lead at CapGemini

What is the charter of the MACH Alliance?

The MACH Alliance presents and advocates for future-proof enterprise technology that is composable, open and best-of-breed – microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless. It exists to protect those four core principles, as the gatekeeper to ensuring MACH as a category is understood, and that companies selling MACH solutions and services adhere to those principles. 

The MACH Alliance ensures the best-of-breed

  • Sharing technical knowledge about the benefits of a MACH approach.
  • Creating and sharing best practices transitioning to a MACH architecture.
  • Advising enterprises on selection criteria.
  • Publishing technical documentation demonstrating how to integrate MACH technologies.
  • Hosting events to facilitate peer-to-peer networking.

The MACH Maturity Assessment is designed to help you assess your company’s current ability to execute and leverage the benefits of MACH technology

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