Bulk Ingestion

What is Bulk Ingestion?

Bulk Ingestion is a bulk asset uploading and enrichment tool that provides effortless mass ingestions and metadata application. The tool enhances asset organization, efficiency, and scalability. 

Why Bulk Ingestion?

Mass Uploads Made Easy: Leverage a user-friendly and efficient interface to bulk upload and enrich 100-1,000+ assets without system disruption—no technical experience required. Various file types and formats are supported, such as PDF, PPTX, JPEG, and more.

Simplified Metadata Management: Check uploads for errors, duplicates, or inconsistencies with ease. Input business-specific information with customizable metadata fields tailored to your needs.

Asset Accuracy Enhanced: Apply rich metadata at scale. Intelligent auto-tagging validates assets with predefined rules for naming conventions, version controls, and access permissions.

Embedded Status Tracking: Stay informed about upload status with in-DAM progress indicators, status notifications, and asset upload completion logs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the number of files I can upload at once?

There is no hard limit to the amount of assets that can be simultaneously uploaded at once.  

Does Bulk Ingestion consider the required fields that are set up for my portal?

The Bulk Ingestion tool allows the flexibility to disable or enable rules and validations during the metadata enrichment process. In this process, required field validations are skipped, allowing users to add or update the necessary information later. This feature is particularly useful for streamlining the initial upload process and providing flexibility in data management.

Can I apply metadata to my files during Bulk Ingestion?

The tool offers metadata application capabilities from an editable CSV file metadata template.

Which rules can be automatically applied during the ingestion process?

Predefined rules based on company-driven criteria such as automated watermarking, public links publishing, filtering options, et cetra can be applied to assets during the enrichment process.