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Brand positioning

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning refers to the strategic process of establishing a distinct image and identity for a product or service in the minds of the target audience within a competitive market. It involves crafting a unique space for a brand that sets it apart from competitors and resonates with the intended consumer base.

Why is Brand Positioning Important?

  1. Differentiation: Brand positioning helps distinguish a product or service from others in the market, creating a unique identity.
  2. Target Audience Connection: It facilitates a deeper connection with the target audience by aligning the brand with their values, needs, and aspirations.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Effective positioning gives a brand a competitive edge by highlighting its strengths and unique selling points.
  4. Consistency: Establishing a clear brand position ensures consistency in messaging and customer perception across various marketing channels.


  1. Volvo – Safety: Volvo has positioned itself as a brand synonymous with safety. Their messaging consistently revolves around their commitment to building the safest cars on the road.
  2. Nike – Empowerment Through Sport: Nike positions itself as more than a sportswear brand; it’s a symbol of empowerment through sports. Their marketing often features inspirational stories of athletes, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to helping individuals reach their full potential through athletic pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is brand positioning different from branding?

Brand positioning is a component of branding. While branding encompasses the entire process of creating and managing a brand, brand positioning specifically deals with the strategic placement of a brand in the market to achieve a competitive advantage.

Can a brand change its positioning over time?

Yes, brands often evolve, and their positioning may change in response to shifts in the market, consumer preferences, or the introduction of new products or services.

Is brand positioning only relevant for large companies?

No, brand positioning is essential for businesses of all sizes. Small and emerging businesses can use it to carve out a niche and compete effectively in their respective markets.

How can I determine the effectiveness of my brand positioning?

Monitoring customer perceptions, analyzing market share, and conducting surveys or feedback sessions can help assess the effectiveness of your brand positioning. Regularly evaluating how well your brand aligns with consumer expectations is crucial.

What happens if a brand fails to establish a clear position?

Without a distinct brand position, a company may struggle to stand out in the market, leading to confusion among consumers and a lack of competitive advantage. Clear brand positioning helps consumers understand what makes a product or service unique and why they should choose it over alternatives.


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