What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Between dozens of channels—with more arriving all the time—and increasing pressure to deliver quality, personalized content to your customers, marketing has gotten pretty complicated, pretty fast.

A digital asset management (DAM) system eases those complications, streamlining marketing, compliance, and team collaboration. A DAM gives your teams—wherever in the world they might be—the power to create, store, and share digital assets, all in one place.

It’s simple: with a DAM, all of your digital files (think videos, images, documents, anything made of 1s and 0s) are accessible from a single place, so you can deliver the right content, to the right customer, in the right place, at the right time.

DAM Organizes All of Your Digital Assets

A DAM is often referred to as a “single source of truth.” Cutting through the jargon, that means ensuring that every piece of content your teams get out into market is the correct piece of content.

Most companies have thousands of content pieces untethered and floating in space. Some images are isolated on hard drives. Critical usage rights information is marooned in an email inbox somewhere. Components of that video exist in nine different formats, in nine different places—one of which is the no-man’s land of an associate’s busy mind.

A solid DAM is a digital repository for all of your content, complete with search, tagging, and collaboration capabilities, that helps your teams create more engaging, effective content faster, but also helps you control the entire content lifecycle—from creation to distribution to analysis.

Whether you’re trying to avoid using old logos, accidentally releasing unedited images into the wrong geography, pushing out expired assets that lead to a fine, or publishing content before it’s reviewed and approved, all of these stumbles and more can be avoided with the right digital asset management system.

Create Better Customer Experiences with a DAM

Because of their sheer power and versatility, DAMs offer value for companies across every industry. As long as your company handles digital assets (it does), you could use a DAM to enrich your content and customer experiences.

A DAM opens the door to greater efficiency and more effective workflows—and it can ensure your content never again has issues with compliance. For companies in heavily regulated industries like life sciences, a DAM is essential to creating and delivering approved content.

Regardless of industry, DAM solutions help you put the “organize” in your organization.

Learn more about Aprimo’s DAM in this DAM brochure.

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