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Aprimo + Salesforce: Digitally Transform CX and Marketing, Sales Alignment

October 23, 2020 | Aprimo Blog

CX and Marketing Sales Alignment

At the heart of every great customer experience is great content that meets the exact needs of an individual at the exact moment of need.

The concept seems simple enough but in real-life, it’s quite complex because the “customer experience” can span so many different departments, different channels, and different scenarios.

Add to the complexity that a customer experience is a journey, not an end point, because your customer is constantly evolving; their needs, interests, and methods of engagement are always changing. It’s so challenging that while one study suggests that over 80% of brands believe they’re delivering on customer expectations, only about 10% of their customers agree.

This gap exists because traditional ways of creating and delivering content to support the customer experience have not been keeping up with customer expectations. Common struggles for brands include:

  • Organization silos
  • Lack of a cohesive content strategy
  • Ineffective content operations
  • No content intelligence
  • Inability to find content

So is the answer more content? No. In fact, the right solution is better findability and distribution of content you already have! That’s why I am so pleased to write about a joint partnership with Salesforce that can make the customer experience journey that your brand is on much easier.

Integration #1: Aprimo Connector for Personalization Content

As with any technology partnership and integration, the combination of multiple products creates more value than they do separately. Together, the integration between Aprimo DAM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you seamlessly create and deliver exceptional, content-driven customer experiences.

What we love about this integration is that users of Aprimo DAM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud can leverage artificial intelligence to finally deliver those powerful customer experiences at scale. With the Aprimo Connector for Personalization Content, you can move beyond experiments, or once-in-a-calendar-year campaigns to something that’s always-on, and always optimized.

The embedded artificial intelligences in each solution, Aprimo AI and Salesforce Einstein, work together to enable marketers to send out campaigns but with the capability to pull the best piece of content in that exact moment, providing a real-time content experience.

Aprimo brings the content planning and creation capability, while Salesforce is able to deliver the content to the customer at the exact right time.

Want to learn more?  Check out the Aprimo + Salesforce overview video:

Integration #2: Aprimo Campaign Sync for Sales Cloud

Let’s get something out of the way. We love Sales Cloud. We use it every day to power our business here at Aprimo and that’s what makes this second integration even more exciting for us.

If you use Sales Cloud, then you probably also know that a tight alignment with marketing is critical to ensure smooth operations and predictable business growth. But creating a clear relationship between marketing efforts and sales outcomes is often very difficult, time consuming, and can require a lot of manual data entry.

The result is that sales and marketing is constantly playing a guessing game and asking a subset of people for their opinions rather than diving into the data—very unscientific and not data-driven.

That’s where the integration between Aprimo and Sales Cloud can help.

If you’re using Aprimo to do your campaign planning, now, as part of a standard process in Aprimo, your campaign information automatically pushes to Salesforce when it’s time to execute the campaign.

With this connector, sales and marketing leadership can get a new layer of information that wasn’t previously available to them—upstream planning and costs from Aprimo and downstream outcomes from Salesforce. And with Datorama or Tableau, you can bring all of that data together in one campaign data layer. Assessing, validating, learning, and optimizing your campaigns has never been simpler!

Watch the video to learn more:

Learn more at the Aprimo Marketplace

Check out the Salesforce connector listing on the Aprimo Marketplace or visit our Salesforce integrations page for even more information, including integration datasheets that dive into more detail about each connector.

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