Aprimo Introduces AI Content Coach with ChatGPT to Revolutionize Content Operations

aprimo ai content coach

The latest tool for digital asset management uses existing assets to train generative AI on customer content, brand, and voice

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CHICAGO – June 6, 2023 –  Aprimo, an industry leader of digital asset management and marketing resource management solutions, today announced the launch of AI Content Coach, a groundbreaking tool that transforms content operations through the power of generative AI. Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and ChatGPT, AI Content Coach is designed to revolutionize content creation by offering companies new levels of creativity, efficiency, and brand compliance.

The interactive assistant seamlessly integrates with Aprimo digital asset management (DAM) and does not require IT resources to configure or specialized knowledge in AI to utilize. On day one, right out of the box, AI Content Coach automatically and in near real-time trains (and retrains as required) different GPT models on customers’ curated and varied collections of assets within their DAM as well as human SMEs. The tool offers a range of powerful use cases that revolutionize content ideation and creation while ensuring that generated content is always aligned with customer brand voice:

  • Write brand-aligned content targeted to specific marketing channels, customer types or industry verticals
  • Instantly iterate on drafts and accept or reject outputs for rapid content refinement
  • Enable teams across an organization – from sales to HR to customer success – to get quick answers about products and services
  • Generate content variations by tone, language type, target audience, and other factors unique to organizations

AI Content Coach is also a valuable resource for revenue teams, providing assistance in generating ideas for customer business reviews, product updates and on-demand content for pitches and proposals. Additionally, this tool offers comprehensive support for training and onboarding, benefiting HR and learning and development teams by providing content ideas and access to a comprehensive knowledge library.

“We are thrilled to unveil AI Content Coach as the latest cutting-edge addition to our suite of AI-powered solutions – opening the door for much bigger AI initiatives to come,” said Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo. “Generative AI is transforming the power of DAM, and DAM serves as the safest and most secure repository for branded content and the governance of content. By establishing DAM as the system of record for housing GPT models, Aprimo is paving the way for organizations to build composable content stacks and ensuring responsible use, governance, and brand security.”

Aprimo’s latest tool exemplifies its commitment to pushing AI boundaries and driving content management innovation, all while prioritizing user and customer safety through robust safeguards.

“We are excited to see Aprimo leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to introduce AI Content Coach and help transform content operations with the power of generative AI,” said John Montgomery, corporate vice president, AI Platform, Microsoft. “This collaboration represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and driving content management innovation, while ensuring the utmost safety and security for users and customers.”

To learn more about Aprimo’s AI Content Coach or join the waitlist for early access, visit https://go.aprimo.com/ai-content-coach.


Christina Davies


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