AI—More than just another piece of tech

Artificial Intelligence Efficiency

Sync! Season 1 has featured some of the world’s brightest experts talking about what it takes to create powerful, evocative brand content that has the right tone and that gets to the right customer at the right time.

We’ve recently highlighted both Content Operations and Content Intelligence as some of the key themes coming out of Sync! Season 1. Smartly utilizing artificial intelligence—and all the efficiencies AI represents—is the efficiency engine that takes content development and distribution to the next level, giving teams the power they need to streamline workflows and content storage and access.

I want to share two awesome Sync! sessions with you. If you’re a newbie to artificial intelligence, then I highly suggest watching this presentation from Microsoft who provides a great overview of what it is but emphasizes and explores how AI isn’t as scary a concept as lots of pop culture would have you believe! As you likely already know, Microsoft is on the cutting edge of AI and is a great partner to Aprimo as we have developed our own Aprimo AI capability.

Next, is a great case study from Splunk, creators of the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform, and how the marketing team puts artificial intelligence to work to create and market content. Imagine having a system tracking 6 concurrent workstreams and orchestrating the behind-the-scenes work to have them come together at just the right moment to get content into market on-time. Listen to Splunk tell the story!

AI Is Everywhere, All the Time

First, we have Ahmed Sharif, a Cloud Solution Architect and AI One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, explore how Microsoft is working to demystify AI for consumers and developers. His talk also touches on how artificial intelligence as a concept has taken on such broad, industry-spanning meanings because of the commensurate largeness of user data that industries as diverse as Life Sciences and Retail are collecting about their customers’ behaviors.

I like this presentation because there seems to be a common misconception that you have to be a big organization to deploy AI, but no longer are the gates to AI shut. Ahmed dives into how companies of all sizes can now invest in AI.

Here is a short clip of Ahmed’s presentation.

Want to watch the whole session? It’s on demand in the Sync! Content Hub.

Managing Traffic with AI

Next up is a very practical session from Robert Colville, Senior Traffic Manager at Splunk, that gets down and dirty with traffic management best practices, including how to design and use workflows in Aprimo like a pro.

The core challenge that Robert dives into this presentation is how to leverage AI to manage parallel processes. This usually a job for a project manager, but as we know, people don’t scale all that easy, especially when you think about the Lifeflow for individuals being so disrupted.

Designing team-specific workflows is one of the key ways Aprimo customers use automation to boost efficiency. How does AI fit into the automation picture? Robert Colville explains.

The entire session is free to watch right here!

Sync! Season 2 is Coming Soon

We’re so excited to bring the next Season of Sync! to you. Season 2 will be chock full of sessions and more that will help you and your teams embrace digital transformation and step confidently into the future of content, operations, and planning.

Look for updates about sessions heading to Sync! Season 2 on the Sync! agenda.

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