The State of Content Operations in 2022

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Struggling to keep up with the pace of digital? Learn about content operations and optimization strategies, to turn your marketing department into a content powerhouse.

According to the report, only 12% of executives who were surveyed said they?re extremely satisfied with their ability to manage content. If you?re like the other 88% of respondents, you could benefit from optimizing your content ops.

Doing so will fast-track your team?s ability to create, manage, and share exceptional digital experiences. Read our whitepaper to see how companies are managing their content operations ? the good and bad ? plus, genius ways to optimize your own strategy.

This whitepaper gives you the full picture of content operations today, stats included, with optimization tips along the way. Key highlights:

  • Top content management challenges
  • How to go beyond content marketing ROI with ROE
  • The importance of agility and scalability 
  • The benefits of a modern content operations solution

Ready to learn the importance of boosting your content ops? Download our free whitepaper. 

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