Bridge the Product and Content Gap

inriver + Aprimo Connector



Bridge the Product and Content Gap

The Aprimo DAM and inriver (PIM) integration synchronize content and product information, enabling merchants, marketers, and digital teams to easily find, manage, enrich, and syndicate your product content and information across all channels.

  • Deliver Richer Product Experiences – Automatically synchronize data between Aprimo and inriver to enrich product information.
  • Get One Source of Truth – Automate the entire content lifecycle from idea to creation, delivery, and retirement.
  • Optimize Collaboration – Empower eCommerce, customer experience, and digital teams to work together.

Integration to PIM data management

Here?s How it Works 

The Aprimo + inriver Connector is an opensource connector with a list of best practices for implementation, making it easier than ever to search, find, produce, manage, enrich, distribute, and syndicate your product content and information across all channels.

Link Assets

Automatically link your Aprimo assets to their corresponding inriver products (such as products or items) and view them within inriver. Asset usage tracking information is sent to Aprimo so users can see where the product imagery is being used within inriver, and the user can deep link to the product in inriver.

Synchronize Metadata

Automatically trigger imports, updates, and content synchronization from Aprimo to inriver. For example, product information updates made in inriver, such as metadata and product data, are automatically reflected in Aprimo for better searchability.

Robust Documentation

Extensive developer documentation is available to support digital development teams.

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