Aprimo Plan & Spend

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Accelerate & Improve Marketing Performance

Aprimo Plan & Spend helps organizations accurately measure spend and optimize marketing performance with planning, budgeting and expense management ?all in one place.

  • Planning – Ensure that time and money are being spent on marketing activities that align with objectives and fit into your budget.
  • Budget & Spend – Gain real-time visibility into budgets & spend?in every currency?for all marketing programs and activities.
  • Insights – Gain robust insights into all of your investments so you can quickly  adjust plans to meet market and customer demands. 

Optimize Marketing Investments

Aprimo Plan & Spend provides marketers with the transparency and flexibility they need to maximize investments and optimize return on effort:

  • Global Visibility & Alignment – A global, 360-degree view from planning through spend to ensure strategic alignment with enterprise goals
  • Global Spend Management – A comprehensive and focused solution that automates planning, budgeting, and spend management
  • Improve Marketing Performance – More accurate return on effort calculations to enable optimized marketing investments

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Streamline Planning

Automate and align planning  and budgets.

  • Budget Allocation ?Automate annual and quarterly budgeting processes via a top-down distribution of funds or bottom-up aggregation of proposals.
  • Aligned Objectives ? Establish and align marketing objectives to corporate priorities and measure their impact across  all activities.
  • ERP Connector ? Keeping expenses in sync with Enterprise Financial Systems enables  a marketing-focused view of spend in Aprimo.

Monitor Spend

Gain visibility into all spend in a single place.

  • Visual Spend Insights ? Manage all spend in one place, from expenses to commitment, actuals to purchase orders, vendor management, and invoices.
  • Global Spend Manager ? Manage all global budgets at the expense level with features like variable exchange rates.
  • Offer Manager ? Manage and track offers and incentives across all promotion types and channels.

Optimize Performance

Measure how investments drive performance to justify spend.

  • Real-Time Visibility ? Gain real-time visibility into spend, including vendor spend, to better optimize and allocate budget.
  • Forecast ? Visually compare real-time activity spend with predicted spend to identify areas of potential underspend  and overspend.
  • ROE Modeling ? Enable more accurate return on effort planning by combining marketing spend and operations data with marketing performance data.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.