Aprimo Digital Asset Management

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Unleash the Power of Content

Aprimo gives you the power to streamline and orchestrate all the work it takes to create, organize, and deliver the content that you need to make personalized customer experiences.

  • Content – Support all types of content. Even emerging file types, like 360-degree product images and 3D files.
  • Video – Easily tag, store, and preview videos. Optimize them with advanced capabilities. AI-driven auto-tagging, and light video editing features.
  • Text – Aprimo supports all of your textbased content, too. Snippets and articles, long-form PDFs and Word documents?keep it all on brand.

Deliver Content That’s Engaging & Relevant

  • Streamline Reviews – Get content to market faster with a single place for content collaboration, workflows, annotations, and approvals.
  • Align Strategy Execution – Ensure everything marketing creates supports wider corporate goals and strategies.
  • Create Engaging Content More Efficiently – Save time and money by ensuring that your best content is easy to find, edit, and reuse across markets and channels.
  • Increase Return on Effort – See clearly how content performs and how much investment went into it so you know where you’re getting the best return on effort (ROE).

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Automate content production to increase speed-to-market.

  • Collaborate Efficiently – Collaborate with teammates and run workflows from a single solution that supports ideation, reviews, and approvals.
  • Make Reviews Easier – Easily review and annotate creative work with integrations into toolsets like Creative Cloud.
  • Increase Agency Efficiency – Oversee agencies? time, approvals, and output all from a single place.


Organize and enrich content  to create richer, on-brand customer experiences.

  • Find Content Faster – Quickly upload, tag, search, and find assets with Aprimo’s flexible metadata, auto-tagging, and taxonomy capabilities.
  • Everything on Board – Ensure on-brand, compliant content is always available with robust rights management capabilities.
  • Relevant Content in Every Channel – Find and localize content for different channels, languages, or cultures while maintaining version control.


Increase enterprise access and visibility to on-brand content.

  • Access Content Across the Organization – Enable global teams to access content with a simplified?and powerful?user experience.
  • Works With Your Current Tech Stack – Integrate into any ecosystem with Aprimo’s configuration-only connectors, documented APIs, and open frameworks on low-code integration platforms.
  • Analyze Content ROE – Aprimo analytics capabilities can merge performance data with investment data to help calculate content ROE.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.