Enhanced Content Return on Effort (ROE)



Unleash Omnichannel Potential With Content-Level Insights

Aprimo gives you insight into how assets are performing in market with guiding metrics that help teams determine which content is effective and should be repurposed for different formats or channels.

  • Content Insights – Instantly access content performance insights within Aprimo or via external BI tools so teams can see how assets are performing across different channels and campaigns.
  • Performance + Effort – Look beyond mere performance metrics and see clearly whether the effort that went into the content was worth it.
  • Agility – Stop waiting for lengthy ROI calculations?get an instant leading indicator on asset performance so you can better allocate resources.

Content Return On Effort Feature Brief

Here’s How It Works

Deliver Content

Create Public Links in Aprimo with embedded codes to track campaign performance.

Access Instant Content Insights

Get asset utilization metrics such as internal and external views, downloads, and unique user impressions directly in DAM.

View Detailed Performance Metrics

Get a seamless view into where the asset is performing best. View overall content performance metrics, as well as impressions by campaign, channel, medium, and audience.

Optimize Strategic Content Planning

Optimize content and creative strategies using ROE data to leverage high-performing content  in innovative ways.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.

See how Aprimo can help you unleash the power of content.