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Plan & Spend

Plan & Spend allows you to align marketing strategies with activities, visually configure budgets, and adjust both as needed to ensure success.

When everyone—from CEO to digital marketer to graphic designer—works toward a common goal, synergy abounds. And success follows.

Key Benefits

Align your marketing strategy, objectives, and plans to exceed goals

Control marketing plans and the level of investment—in every currency

Configure and visualize budgets across any financial hierarchy or business structure

Gain insights into marketing investments to optimize the marketing mix

Measure the results of individual marketing activities to increase ROI



    Marketing Plans

    Marketing Plans is where you capture marketing initiatives and create and track goals to ensure marketing aligns with corporate strategies. Create, route, and approve creative briefs within a single portal to achieve agile planning and alignment.


    Budgets & Forecasts

    Optimize your dollars and re-allocate them as needed. Budgets & Forecasts gives you complete control into all of your planned marketing investments in real time, in every currency, and supports your business' unique budget structure across product line, business unit, team, geography, and more. Budget owners can control, and assign or transfer, their allocated dollars. Forecasts are automatically generated by approved marketing tactics. Finally, automatic notifications alert budget owners of changes and/or approvals needed based on configurable in- or out-of-threshold conditions.


    Spend Management

    Visualize and optimize every marketing dollar involved in your spend and investments. Spend Management tracks all commitments and invoices and links to external systems. Regardless of your financial structure's complexity, you can align invoices with commitments and approve payments via flexible processes.


    Offer Management

    As a marketer, you are swimming in offers, messages, and creative treatments, but the spreadsheets to track these items and their final placement is often untracked or unregulated. Offer Manager helps you produce, review, organize, and standardize these items into a master library for placement across campaigns. When placed in a campaign, offers and creative treatments are assigned to customer segments or targets and placed into a Cell Matrix. The Cell Matrix makes campaign planning and testing easier by helping you capture estimated and actual counts and calculated costs, revenue, and ROI.


    Vendors & Materials

    Vendors & Materials manages vendor information, histories, and outstanding quotes. Approved vendors are earmarked for frequent use. It also captures an inventory of materials and automatically deducts what's been used. It includes notifications and a RFP process that simplifies the selection and onboarding process.



    The Calendar provides everyone with a single place to see everything that's going on in their marketing world. With it, you can create, view, and publish various marketing calendars with the exact right level of information for each audience within your business. Need a promotions calendar for sales? Done! Do traffic managers need an operational calendar to view all in-flight projects and their work schedules? Done! Each element on the calendar can be set to be available publicly or privately, and they are hyperlinked to relevant additional details. Each calendar is highly configurable and contains options to control viewing styles, colors, filter options, and more. The best part? The calendar is always accurate and dynamically populated as individuals set up and manage their marketing campaigns. You no longer need someone to manually update another marketing calendar.


    Executive Dashboard

    CMOs get at-a-glance visibility into marketing’s performance with the Executive Dashboard. Build reports to prove ROI, see performance via analytics, and measure KPIs to see what's working and what's not. The powerful, time-saving Executive Dashboard displays all reports in a configurable environment, each containing a unique URL. The best part? Every time you open a dashboard, it updates in real time, so you are guaranteed to see the latest data.



    Reporting gives marketers out-of-the-box reports to understand and securely share the most important insights about your business, such as finances, strategies, and campaign results. Need a unique report? Leverage the Aprimo platform to configure reports to your specific needs for additional reporting power.

    “It’s incredible to see how much we’ve gained in terms of actual business value. We can now realign our budget and see things we’ve never seen before in terms of patterns and comparative analysis. Our operational teams can really review their spend and compare results with other teams. It benefits both the operations and the executive level.”

    "In the first year of operations, we actually processed invoices 33% faster.”

    Decreased invoice turn around time by 50%

    "I think the ‘Aha!’ moment came when we were able to click a button and generate a global spend report. We were finally aligned at a global scale."

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