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SecureCHEK®️ AI is revolutionizing the way marketing gets done in regulated industries by automating the preparation of collateral materials with AI-powered software. By shifting tedious, repetitive tasks from humans to technology where they belong, SecureCHEK®️ AI produces compliant content faster, and cheaper. Business solutions include libraries, modular content, and prechecking. The SecureCHEK AI spots and resolves many issues prior to Medical, Legal, and Regulatory review, allowing these reviewers to stretch further.

Automated Compliance Content Review

SecureCHEK automates a manual approach to content enablement:

  • The modular content functionality instantly cuts blocks from the library of approved content and exports them to Adobe InDesign for creative polish.
  • The prechecking functionality instantly analyzes the percentage of content deviations from the approved library with recommendations for correcting errors.
  • A Quality Assessment Report provides a snapshot of the “Securecheked” document, indicating specifically which content needs to be adjudicated by reviewers when there’s not a 100% match with what’s been approved.

Key Benefits

  • The software creates claims libraries within days, versus months. Libraries can be segmented by customer profiles to facilitate personalization, as well as identify claims variations.
  • SecureCHEK AI uses the claims library to automate the review of materials, saving the precious time of your reviewers for the final review.
  • Collateral is created in record time since review-ready materials expedite MLR and reduce the number of rounds needed for approval.