About the Partner

Technology Partner

PathFactory is a leading B2B Content Intelligence expert. Leading enterprise and mid-market B2B companies use PathFactory’s Content Intelligence Platform to accelerate nurture, improve win rates, and understand content performance by delivering intelligent content experiences and virtual events across the buyer’s journey.

Content Intelligence Platform

PathFactory’s AI-powered content intelligence allows you to generate personalized content experiences for your individual buyers and target accounts. Accelerate deal velocity and grow your pipeline by recommending next-best assets to consume based on recent visitor history, industry, and trending topics.

PathFactory + Aprimo

Together, these two platforms provide a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing the entire marketing process. With an integrated approach to content creation and management, insights, and activation, this partnership enables organizations to deliver the hyper-personalized experiences that buyers demand, at the speed they expect.

Key Benefits


Intuitive customer journeys

  • Automatically deliver responsive, personalized content that customers are looking for in the channel they prefer.

Data-driven decision-making

  • Use valuable 360-degree insights on consumption behavior by type, channel, and person to enable ROI and engagement analytics across your entire technology stack.

Optimized content strategy

  • Identify wider trends and areas of improvement and use these metrics to make data-driven decisions regarding your content supply chain